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First day for full time robins and wrens!

All our full timers were raring to go this morning, looking so smart in their school uniforms. We have been doing so much today its a good job its the weekend so we can be ready to begin again on Monday! The children have explored the school, looking out for brothers and sisters along the way. There was some excellent sitting, listening to instructions and rules so that we can all stay safe and look after things in school. We had carrots and milk for snack and fish fingers and pasta for lunch. There were stories and songs and we even found time for a bit of counting and work on the interactive whiteboard. And of course throughout the day we did so much playing and learning that we ran out of time for tidying up!

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Super Mrs. James!

Thank you Mrs. James for realizing the costume dreams of our two superhero cape competition winners! Ewan and Olivia designed super capes which Mrs. James took home for the weekend. On her return the children were presented with their beautifully sewn capes in a whole school assembly.

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Six countries in one day – Robins Euro Tour!

What a day! We started in our home country of Spain where we learnt about spanish artist, Antoni Gaudi. We then hopped over the border to France to sing the colours of the rainbow in French. After a gingerbread pitstop in Germany we jetted off to Italy and made pasta necklaces. After a hearty british school lunch we nipped to Greece for some greek dancing and finished our exhausting day with a few dutch songs in Holland!

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vive la France!

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Wrens have enjoyed a holiday in France this week. They have decorated flags, tasted some delicious french pastries, drawn Monet pictures, role played a french cafe and learn how to count and say the colours in french! Bravo!


We’re going on a dinosaur hunt…

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt!

We’re going to catch a BIG one!

We’re not scared!

Robins and Wrens went on a welly walk dinosaur hunt. We waded through lakes (puddles), scaled swamps (woodchip pile), traversed deserts (sand pit), squelched through oozy mud and fought our way though the deep dark forest (bushes at the side of the field) until we reached a dark cave……..

What did we find? Not one, but two dinosaurs and three dinosaur eggs in a nest!

We carefully carried them back to school to see if they will hatch…


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A frosty welly walk for YR

We had an early welly walk today to make the most of the frosty field. We saw the patches of green grass where the sun had already melted the frost. The children experimented with defrosting leaves in a gloved hand and a bare hand – which was quicker? Lots of learning about the heat of the sun and the heat from our hands turning the ice into water.

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First day for a few Robins and Wrens :-)

Our part time children started school today. They looked super smart in their new uniforms with shiny shoes and lots to carry. The children had great fun in our outside extension on the bikes, playing with the water and new blocks. Inside we had a Spiderman show, lots of jewel play, playdough and small world toys. All of the children decorated their library paddles ready for a trip to the library later in the week. Some children went home at lunchtime but six children stayed for lunch. They were so sensible in the hall. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the school garden to learn about composting so that we know why we recycle our fruit waste in the snack cafe.

A special mention to Mums and Dads – well done for being so sensible too!

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Boys will be boys…. or will they?

As the school year is drawing to a close the Year R boys appear to have lost their inhibitions! They are rather enjoying the freedom that only a dress can bring….

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Not in YR :)

In this super hot weather Year R cooled off with a lovely foot bath water play and a jolly good soaking with the hosepipe!