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Yet another exciting day for Robins and Wrens.

Thankfully the sun came out on Thursday afternoon just in time for our first welly walk of the year.  We all donned our welly boots and waterproof trousers for an adventure around the school grounds and fields.  There was so much to discover: secret paths and hideouts, woodchip mountains, not to mention a whole assortment of trees some complete with nests and acorns galore to gather.

The fun did not stop there for Year R as we also had the chance to spend some time exploring the play trail.  What an active bunch Wrens and Robins are proving to be.  There were some very skillful manoeuvres over, under and along the equipment and lots of smiles and laughter were to be seen and heard.

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First day for full time robins and wrens!

All our full timers were raring to go this morning, looking so smart in their school uniforms. We have been doing so much today its a good job its the weekend so we can be ready to begin again on Monday! The children have explored the school, looking out for brothers and sisters along the way. There was some excellent sitting, listening to instructions and rules so that we can all stay safe and look after things in school. We had carrots and milk for snack and fish fingers and pasta for lunch. There were stories and songs and we even found time for a bit of counting and work on the interactive whiteboard. And of course throughout the day we did so much playing and learning that we ran out of time for tidying up!

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First day in school for our new Robins and Wrens!

We had some very excited robins and wrens waiting to meet us when we opened the door this morning and what a busy day we have had! There was some super listening to instructions, all sitting beautifully on the carpet and some excellent lining up as we explored the school, looking out for brothers and sisters on the way. We collected our snacks and helped to stick up displays. We all enjoyed our school dinners and packed lunches and met the cooks and dinner ladies including our very own, Mrs Banjo, who looks after us in the playground. We had some stories and joined in with some singing. And on top of all that we still found time for lots of learning and playing. All the grown ups were really pleased with the tidying up at the end of the day and then we sat in a circle and talked about what we had enjoyed doing. Benjamin summed up everyones thoughts when he said “I’VE HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!”


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Robins and Wrens have a wonderful day at the farm!

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What excitment not only did we visit Longdown Activity Farm on Monday but we actually went on a double decker bus – Awesome and the highlight of the day for some!  A day of feeding, grooming and cuddling as well as discovering the delights of a bumpy trailer-tractor ride.   All our young farmers had a fun day of learning how to look after and farm animals and learned the correct names for the male, female and young of each one.  We are looking forward to exploring the world of farming futher in our playing and learning.

Sweetpea shop in Robins and Wrens!

Robins and Wrens have been as busy as bees planting seeds. We wrote on labels so we would know what colour the sweetpeas would be. Then we planted 6 seeds and watered them and put them into the polytunnel where it is very wrm. When they have grown we would like you to buy them with your money and we will will give the money to the St Georges foundation.

Lead this way to Robins and Wrens to buy them on Tuesday 9th June in the afternoon.

See you there and you will see the flowers!

Kobe   Andrew  Reuben  Hadyn

Do YOU like growing flowers?

Robins and Wrens have been busy planting seeds ready for our plant sale.  We planted lots of different sweetpes … they were pink, white, purple, plum and mixed colours. We put them in the polytunnel to keep them safe and warm. When they have grown we are going to sell them to get money for the St Georges foundation for the children who have no mummies and daddies. Please come to our plant sale and bring your money and then you can enjoy the colours as you plant them in your garden and watch them grow.

See you there on Tuesday 9th June at 2.45-4 o’clock.  Leon  Bella  Arabella  Oliver   Tyler  Marcel  Charlotte  Jacob

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Visit Year R garden Centre!

Are you a keen gardener? Year R are growing sweetpea flowers to sell for charity. You can choose from purple, pink, white, plum, or mixed colours. We are looking after them very well and hoping they will grow really well ready for our plant sale on Tuesday 9th June at 2.45-4 o’clock.Please bring your money to school so you can make your garden pretty this summer. seb  Iris   anna  oliver  eleanor


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YR Spring Clean for St. George’s Foundation

Our classrooms and outside area had a make-over yesterday thanks to teams of hardworking Wrens and Robins.  The children took charge of sorting out their cleaning tasks and after arming themselves with sponges, brushes and washing-up liquid they began the rather onerous task of ‘Spring’ cleaning our Year R unit.

Each and every child worked hard for at least half an hour to ensure that they honoured their sponsorship.  They certainly took pride in what they had achieved by the end of the morning and were so pleased to know that they were helping the children of Sierra Leone in the process.

Well done Wrens and Robins and a big thank you to all of those who kindly offered sponorship donations.

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Spring has sprung in Year R!

Year R is teaming with new life. Not only are our Mummies having babies, rather earlier than planned – just as an excuse to get out of talking to Year R about “being pregnant”!  (Congratulations Mrs Bishop!) but we are also currently looking after a tank full of tadpoles and a brood of freshly hatched chicks, not to mention the School guinea pigs and our class fish. Mr Murray (or Daddy as he refers to himself when talking to the chicks!) says its like a zoo in our unit and that’s before the children arrive!

Our project on Spring and New life has prompted several trips to the pond, our own in the school grounds and the one behind the parents’ car park to view the frogspawn and have a chance to pond dip with Mrs Newton who runs our school green team. We have been out looking for signs of spring in the school grounds on our welly walks. We also looked carefully at spring flowers in class and drew a picture for our talking books in class. Today all the children had a chance to hold the chicks, most of them were keen and some were even lucky enough to be pooed on!

Everyone is welcome to pop into Year R to meet our chicks this week.

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