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Year 6 Update

Hi everyone!

In English over the past two weeks, we have been busy writing, editing and publishing our stories of Odysseus and the Sirens.

In Maths, we have been using a range of methods to multiply and divide up to 4 digit numbers. This week we also showed off what we can do in a series of challenges (old SATs papers).

We have worked really hard this week and all deserve a break – luckily it’s half term! See you in nine days!

Year 6 team

Cooking In The Greek Kitchen at Hades

We arrived at Hades all dressed in a variety of Greek outfits, excited and curious of what we were going to do. Initially scared because Hades is hell but it turned out that we made delicious honey cakes that smelt and tasted amazing. After that we made spanakopita filling which was made up of many vegetables the clue is in the name (spinach) . It was really fun to make and the honey cakes smelt delicious of spice and sweetness. Best cooking
session ever!!!!

Next we made Tzatziki, a yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip.We squeezed the cucumber and got rid of the juice, it was really fun!Then added garlic and yoghurt. Some of us tried the finished product and look forward to trying it again during our Greek Feast this afternoon.

In the kitchen we folded the slimy,oily pastry into a right angle triangle.The onion made my eyes water and drip.once we finished the first tray we continued with on going triangles. When they came out of the oven they had turned in to delicious looking Spanikopata!

When we arrived at Hades its was time to make Garlic Roasted Potatoes. Firstly we took the potatoes and carefully cut them.We didn’t peel the skin off though because apparently they’re very healthy!We chopped the potatoes into yummy looking wedges,not too thin but not too thick. Next we poured some sour lemon juice onto the slices and mixed it all together, it smelt delicious! We grated some garlic into the sweet smelling mixture and it started to look really nice! We shook some oregano onto the potatoes and it was ready to go in the oven!

When we (Tigers) arrived at Hades, we didn’t know what to expect. We were going to make Horiatikisalata (A Greek salad) I thought the name was a bit strange considering it tasted so great! We put lots of ingredients into the salad. We got to try a bit. It was the best thing I have ever tasted!

Then Tigers went down to the hall to make some yummy Greek biscuits (Kourabiedes) which really was our masterpiece! The smell was enchanting,with the icing sugar sprinkled like snow on mountain Olympus! Us Greeks sure do know how to cook!!! We molded them into crescents but we were only allowed to have a small amount of dough which was weird because in the pictures they were absolutely MASSIVE but you’d never guess this, they puffed up into things that looked like balloons all blown up! We all really loved this Greek cooking session and we all wish that we could do it all again!
Next was the feast! We started with a Greek dance competition. All the groups did amazingly including creativity while managing to make it flow. After lots of hard work, Tigers (Merit group) managed to pull off 3 perfect tens. Next Now it was time to eat! Our feast consisted of lots of delectable foods from ancient Greece. We took our time making the most luxurious food for the great banquet.

After an exhausting but fun day, we reluctantly came back to the present day…

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Mouldy bread!

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Y6 have started a new science experiment on mould and micro-organisms. We have put different kinds of things on bread such as tooth paste, guinea-pig, vinegar, bleach and other things and sealed them in bags. Then we filled out a chart so that we can monitor what happens to each piece of bread over time. We are waiting for our results.

Incredible Intech

As Y6 boarded the bus that would take us to Winchester Science Center, we were all hoping for a good time and we were right. We were put into groups and taken upstairs to check out some of the exhibits. After that we were taken into the Planetarium where we were shown a video about all the planets in the Solar System. Next it was time for questions.Our favourite question was, “What happens when you get sucked into a Black Hole?” The answer was you get spaghettified!

Freya & Luke, Y6H

Y6 fortnightly update

English: Our work in English has been based on the book ‘The Adventures of Odysseus.’ We have focusing on creating suspense and tension using techniques used by the author Alan Gibbons. We have also looked at improving our descriptive writing. We used these skills to retell the story of Odysseus and the Sirens.

Maths: Mr Hughes’ maths group have worked on informal (counting on) and formal writing methods for subtraction and place value up to three decimal places.

Mrs Saunders’ maths group  have worked on formal methods for addition and subtraction and order of operations.


Woods shelters!

On September 30th, Year Six walked to Captain Phillimore’s woods. After making mazes, we then proceeded to choose a Greek monster and make a shelter for it. Lots of people did monsters such as;

Cyclops, Ceberus, Sirens and Medusa.

My group did Ares’s Arrow Shooting Birds. We made targets for the birds to shoot at, and they also had a perch, a bowl of seeds, a balcony, and lots, lots more! Other people’s shelters included roofs, and more details such as Animals, food, the creature itself, and it all looked absolutely fantastic! We had one game of hide and seek, then we went home, utterly exhausted, but having had a brilliant day in the woods!

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Y6 And the Perseus Story at Southampton City Art Gallery

Before we went to the wire workshop we went to a fancy room to hear the Perseus story! Alister from Southampton art gallery told the tale whilst we gazed at the paintings that hung on the walls. The strange room had been designed by the artist himself (Sir Edward Burne – Jones) he had said that the paintings had to be in a room without skylight, windows, or carpet and the walls had been decorated with wooden panels. The story of the paintings was very interesting. It all started when a young man, Arthur Balfour, asked the artist to paint the story of Perseus to hang in his London home. The man waited for a very long ten years but the artist  died before the paintings were finished. The whole series of paintings were never finished but the finished ones were sent to a different gallery.The drafts for the paintings were sent to the Southampton art gallery!

The Rocky Monster Show rehearsals are underway!

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Just like the title says, rehearsals are underway for the Year 6 production of The Rocky Monster Show (and not The Rocky Horror Show) by Malcolm Sircom! Everyone’s roles have been assigned to, scientists, monsters etc, scripts handed out and practices every Monday, Tuesday (for singing) and Thursday. We also have a trusty friend to help with delivering our lines: Charlie! Mr Hughes has devised something called ‘Talk to Charlie’ and it helps us with delivering our lines. And for the acting… all you need to know is that we almost die of laughter from Mr Hughes’ performances! Anyway, despite the rehearsals we still have to do schoolwork, but I won’t tell you about that. Moving to song rehearsals (which are taken by Mrs Hughes), we know how the songs go and really enjoy a song called ‘The Flash Crash’, an intake on The Rocky Horror Show’s ‘The Time Warp’. Once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head! We have also made some true rock n roll dance moves to go with certain songs. Also, Mrs Saunders has been helping us with producing our lines with expression (mainly with the narrators as they help tell the story). Everyone is working hard to produce the best production we can do and it will all be written down here in this blog. So, if you want to read up on how the production is going, feel free to read up here! Hope you enjoy!

Football Fun at the Wickham Tournament

Well Done to all those boys who competed in the Annual Pyramid Schools Football Tournament on Monday.  A great afternoon of skillfull football and good sportsmanship from all the Swanmore players.  The A Team battled hard on the Wickham astro pitch and came home with some wins, a draw and a loss.  Meanwhile the B Team also played some amazing football and were victorious in all their matches.  A huge congratulations to the B Team squad who ended the afternoon as winners of the B League not having conceeded a single goal.  Thank you to all those parents and grandparents who came along to support our players and assist with the transport.  Next week we have a home match against Bishops Waltham Juniors – Come on Swanmore!!

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Swanmore bring home the silverware!

Well Done to all those children who took part in the Swanmore College cross country competition on Wednesday.  I am so proud of the way in which everyone competed.  There was lots of healthy competition and good sportsmanship on display from the Swanmore Primary pupils and credit must be given to all runners.  Without each and everyone of you our afternoon would not have been so successful and it was fantastic to bring back both then boys and girls trophies.

Our next competition is the Fairoak race on 31st March and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday morning.

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