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Year 4 – What we’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

In English we have been investigating the digestive system and writing information pages, which we showed off to our families in our open afternoon on Thursday.

In Maths, we have revised the grid method for multiplication of 1 digit by 3 digit numbers, and have been using these skills to carry out an investigation.

We have also carried out assessments in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, reading and maths.

This weekend the homework is to write an acrostic poem about Easter, which is almost upon us. Have a great weekend!

Swanmore bring home the silverware!

Well Done to all those children who took part in the Swanmore College cross country competition on Wednesday.  I am so proud of the way in which everyone competed.  There was lots of healthy competition and good sportsmanship on display from the Swanmore Primary pupils and credit must be given to all runners.  Without each and everyone of you our afternoon would not have been so successful and it was fantastic to bring back both then boys and girls trophies.

Our next competition is the Fairoak race on 31st March and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday morning.

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You can ukulele!

Year 4 gave a stunning ukulele performance this afternoon to parents, friends and their Fun Partners (Years R and 1).

Their recital included the songs:

Singing in the rain

Learning on a lamp post

You are my sunshine

O Susanna

Yellow Submarine

before finishing with a rousing medley of Abba songs.

The children would like to thank Mr Riddy, their music teacher this year, for his enthusiasm and support.

Year 4 in their ‘challenge zone’!

Violin Concert

Earlier this week, Year 4 performed their Listen 2 Me Music concert.  This term we learnt how to play the violin!  We played a variety of different songs such as Chariots of Fire and River Dance.  We had great fun!  Next term we’re very, very excited to be learning to play the ukulele and singing too!

By Isabelle


In our ‘challenge zone’!

Year 4 challenged themselves to make Easter baskets this morning.  They had to fill the brief: has to hold something, has to have a handle, has to be decorated.  Each Year 4 had to be in their ‘challenge zone’ for at least one part of their basket making, which meant many mistakes were made before the baskets were finished and fitted the brief!

Later in the morning, Year 4 enjoyed the sunshine as they completed their Charity Day challenge, a scavenger hunt, successfully finding the first two words but being very challenged by the third!

What a busy afternoon!

We have had another exciting afternoon with the Geography students from Winchester University.  We began by sharing our weekend challenges with each other, our visitors appeared to be very impressed with our work from home! Yet again, we were very excited by the activities, including exploring Fair Trade foods making an open pyramid rainforest and even making a tsunami model and erupting volcano!  We have really enjoyed learning with our visitors this afternoon and can’t wait to see what activities we’ll be completing next week!

Excited about English

Y4 were extremely excited to arrive at school and find it was World Book Day yesterday!  They enjoyed an afternoon of book-related activities that included entering the World Book Day bookmark competition, writing their own very short (10 word) story and writing a book recommendation for one of John Dougherty’s books, three of which they had read as a class (Niteracy Hour, Zeus on the Loose and Jack Slater Monster Investigator) and many of them reading more of his titles.  Year 4 can’t wait to meet John Dougherty himself when he visits Swanmore next week!

Please enjoy some of Year 4’s 10 word stories…I wonder what they would have looked like if they had been longer?

I saw a golden-brown leaf on the playground floor.

Big bad wolf could only shatter the little pig’s house.

Halving Homework Games

Year 4 have been working on developing their maths at home with their new ‘Maths Skills’ books.  Recently, we have focused on doubling and halving odd and even numbers.  This week enjoyed sharing our Weekend Challenge halving games.  We worked on our doubling skills at home, playing a game involving rolling dice and doubling until we bridged 1000.  The games we created ranged from board games to quick-fire halving to collect points.

Around the world in a morning!

Geography day 1

Outside the rain was pouring, yet we didn’t notice as we were too engrossed in our learning! Year 4 were thinking about places around the world that we had visited, as well as places we would like to visit in the future. Our Geography visitors from Winchester brought maps and atlases to help us identify where we could find different countries and helped us to record our thoughts in interesting and creative ways!

After break, we focussed on exploring America. Among other activities, we recorded what we already knew about America, what we’d like to know and, at the end of the lesson, what we had learnt. Some of us even played ‘United States Bingo’ and made our own passports!

A huge thanks to our visitors from Winchester for a superb morning of Geography and making our learning experience so enjoyable. We are looking forward to continuing our Geography unit with our visitors after Half Term!

Using bows…

We have been very excited in our recent Listen2Me lessons!  Our violin playing has made great progress and we are now using bows to play the G, D, A and E strings (Greedy Dinosaurs Ate Everything)!

Our new piece has some complicated rhythms, so we came up with some words to help us remember them.  We are also continuing to practice holding our violins correctly and plucking accurately.