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Y3 Update

Last week, Year 3 were looking at units of time in maths – hours, days, weeks and months.
In English we finished writing our pirate stories which we then shared with one another.
Our pirate theme continued into our overnight camp on the field where we enjoyed lots of pirate-themed activities and campfire songs (minus the fire!). After a ‘sleep’ in tents, we woke to a cooked sausage breakfast and juice, followed by more piratey activities. We hope you all slept well on Friday night!

Y3 Curriculum Update

In Maths last week, we were counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100, multiplying and dividing by 10, and rounding to the nearest 10. This week we have been adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers using the expanded column method.

In English, we have been reading ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson. Using this text as a focus, we have been learning all about using pronouns, the possessive apostrophe and co ordiating and subordinating conjunctions.

Y3 Update

In maths last week we were learning all about vertical, horizontal and perpendicular lines, and acute, obtuse and right angles. This week we have been learning how to tell the time using a.m. and p.m. on analogue and digital clocks.
Over the last two weeks we have been using the picture book ‘The Whisperer’ and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to hone our prediction skills, use adverbs and write direct speech. We have also been learning how to summarise a chapter and compare and contrast the two stories.

Y3 Update

We have been exploring our ‘Rivers’ topic this week and in English we have created some wonderful River poetry! Come and read some of them at the entrance to the Y3 classrooms.

In maths, we have been learning to multiply 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using the grid method. We have also learnt to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number using diagrams to help us.


Year 3 Update

This week, year 3 have been reading more of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and how he ends up being looked after by an elderly couple. We learnt how to use subordinating conjunctions and inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
In maths we applied our knowledge of the expanded subtraction method to solve word problems. We also assessed our learning so far in English and Maths.
Our puppets are now complete and they look fantastic! We are very proud of our art work.

Yr 3 Curriculum Update

The children have come back from the Summer holidays refreshed and ready to learn!


During our English work this week we have been working on a unit entitled ‘Troublesome turnips!’  We have compared the traditional story of ‘The enormous turnip’ with the modern version, ‘Mr Wolf’s enormous turnip.’  The children then wrote an alternative ending to the story.  They came up with many interesting ideas!


This week, during our Maths sessions, we have been working on our place value.  We have been focusing on the value a digit has when it is placed in a particular column.  Our homework this week reflects this work.   We have also begun to order groups of numbers ensuring that we pay particular attention to the place value of each digit.  In addition to this work we have been problem solving with place value and the children have worked really hard at being resilient.

Keep up with the positive start Penguins and Puffins!


Year 3 Curriculum update

Year 3 have had a busy couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy looking at our new book study ‘The Abominables’ in English and revising our number and place value work in maths.

However, the Year 3 Pirate Camp has to be one of the highlights, with the children taking part in a range of pirate tasks. The evening activities included flag designing, boat floating, clay coin making and treasure collecting. Mrs Woodman and Mrs Smith kindly led us through a campfire singing session, with some very catchy tunes that the children are still singing in class today! After the children had some sleep, they cleared out their tents and enjoyed a sausage sandwich or three for breakfast.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up and then pack down all of the tents, meaning the year 3’s could carry on with more pirate activities in the morning.

If a pirate sleepover wasn’t enough excitement, we were very lucky to have Mr Watson join us the following Friday morning for a special science experiment. Take a look at this video to see the end result:
Lolly stick explosion!

If you have some lollypop sticks and a lot of patience, then do try it at home!


Year 3 Curriculum Update

We have reached the end of our study of legends. The children have been writing their own versions of ‘George and the Dragon’ and have worked very hard at proof-reading, editing and improving their stories. We then turned part of our legend into a playscript. We look forward to performing these with our legend character puppets!

In maths we have been very busy! We have explored the 100 square to see what patterns occur. We then were comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000 and placing them on a number line. We have also been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100, using our knowledge of place value to help. These activities have helped us to deepen and apply our knowledge of 3-digit numbers.

Let’s Harvest!

Well done Year 3, all of your hard work paid off as you led our Junior Harvest  Service  in church today. Everyone spoke clearly to share our work on “Colours in Autumn” and even the problem with the music did not stop a lively performance of the “Harvest rock and roll!”   We are very proud of you all.

We would also like to thank everyone for their generous food donations, which were collected by  Southampton City Mission.

The Year 3 team.



Year 3 Amazing African Drumming Concert!

Year 3 have been working with Miss Baker from the Hampshire Music service to learn to play  West African Percussion instruments. We used words and phrases  like “Africa”  and “Hear the bell, play the djembe” to help us learn the rhythms. The finished piece was fantastic!

We have also been singing an African song called “Senwa Dedende” which sounded brilliant when all 60 children sang together during our concert yesterday. One of our favourite parts was when our fun partners and parents in the audience were asked to join in too!

We are looking forward to moving on to violins next term.