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Y2 Curriculum Update


In our first week and a half we focussed on the story of Sleeping Beauty to support the school pantomime. We looked at the key characters, conversations and alternative endings.

This week we have begun our Antarctic project with an egg-stremely egg-citing arrival! We discovered that an egg had been left in our Y2 cloakroom area. The children read through a letter from the animal that had left the egg and worked out that an Adelie Penguin had left it for safekeeping. The BBC heard about the arrival and Lewis Coombes (ace reporter)came in to do a special report. We have researched nesting and feeding so that we can support the penguin daddy with his egg and chick.


Last week we had a maths fractions week – half, quarter, two quarters, three quarters and thirds. We focused on the fractions of shape and then number.

This week we have begun a three week unit on multiplication and division. We have started with multiplication looking at arrays and commutative calculations (ie you can multiply in any order 6×2 or 2×6).


Y2 curriculum update

In English we have finished one project and started another.

Our Dear Teacher letter writing was very successful as the children wrote about why the character was late for school. We focussed on drafting, re reading, correcting and presenting a final copy. These are being sent to a publisher for their thoughts! We have also been learning about the Fire of London. Our imaginations were set alight, looking at a long Fire of London picture, which as you scrolled through prompted many questions and much discussion. We honed our question writing skills with open ended questions. Our task over the coming weeks will be to answer these questions with our research. We have also been learning to take brief notes and then refer back to these and extend them into longer sentences using a conjunction (new name for a connective).

In maths we have been learning to use our quick recall of number bonds/facts to support our calculations. Some of the calculations themselves have been using quite simple numbers but the calculating process of bridging through ten has been quite challenging. Much gumption was needed as the answer was readily known but the journey to the answer was the learning focus.

Year 2 Curriculum Update

In Maths we have been revising lots of different topics we have learnt earlier on in the year. We were really good at naming and identifying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry. Lots of us can read the time to 15 minute and 5 minute intervals. We also worked on doubling and halving and estimating.


In English we have been looking at the structure and language of persuasive letters. We wrote our own trying to persuade Mr Grinling to leave his lighthouse and come and visit our homes. I think we did it. To help him find our houses we wrote clear instructions.

Y2 Curriculum Update


Through our new project, The Great Fire of London, we have learnt to ask open ended questions and use non fiction texts to answer them. We looked in the index, contents page and glossary to locate information. We then used our research to answer the question “Why was the Fire of London so devastating?” and presented this information as an explanatory text with subheadings.

We have also sequenced the Great Fire through drama and have recounted significant events using past tense, time connectives and historical vocabulary.


Wherever possible we try and link our maths learning to ‘real life’.

We have been doing money investigations e.g. write all of the amounts up to £1 using only 2 x silver coins. Being methodical has been an important part of our working so we don’t repeat or miss out calculations. We have also been ‘shopping’ to buy two items and then calculate change – these two step problems were tricky!

Year 2 have also been measuring with metre sticks and rulers. We had to find objects which were longer than / shorter than / the same as a metre. Also, using a ruler to accurately measure to the nearest centimetre has been an important life skill!


It’s Charity Day and Year 2 danced their socks off this morning for their sponsored event! Half an hour may not seem very long but when you are dancing with gusto it felt like hours!!! We really enjoyed doing it and are thrilled that we made money for St George Foundation too.

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Bronze, Silver, Goldsworthy!

Year 2 have been reasearching the famous sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and writing non-chronological reports about him. We have been fascinated by his use of natural materials including stone, clay, sand, wood, leaves and ice. We found that a black hole theme was appearing in many of his sculptures. This was inspired by a trip to the beach when some sand collapsed and a black hole appeared in the sand. The black was so beautiful that Andy Goldsworthy recreated this hole in many of his sculptures. Many of the sculptures he creates are temporary as they may be washed or blown away, so he takes photographs of each one to remember them.

Year 2 have created their own sculptures inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We took photographs to remember our creative pieces before we dismantled them.

Which of our sculptures do you like?

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Dramatic Historians!

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Year 2 are learning about The Great Fire of London. A picture of the fire inspired us to ask lots of questions which we hope to answer over the coming weeks. In small groups we acted out each scene from this devastating event.

Snail Investigations

In Year 2 today the snails experienced a short freedom from their tank to take part in some snail investigations.

  • What do snails like to eat?
  • Do snails like dark or light places?
  • Do big snails travel faster than small snails?
  • Do snails prefer noise or peace and quiet?
  • How far does a snail travel in 10 minutes?

The results were interesting as the snails did not always behave as we expected them to. Look at our pictures and see if you can work out what happened. If not, then ask somebody from year 2!


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