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Year 1 Charity Day

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Year One have been skipping to raise money.  Each child had a go at running skipping, throwing the skipping rope up in the air and then walking the squiggle that it fell in.  We had jumping the rope – Matthew managed 50 jumps!  and we had normal skipping.

MAGIC time!

Monday Maths

Today in numeracy we were learning all about the number 6.  We learnt how to partition the number in different ways and how to create addition number sentences and corresponding subtraction sentences.   Lots of fun with eggs and egg boxes!!!

World sports day 2012

On the 25th of June it was World Sports Day. Swanmore Primary played their part by doing  fun sports on the field. This was also part of their Olympics celebrations,there were lots of events like the sack race,assault course and many others.Every one took part and enjoyed themselves. At the end of the day Mr Paterson let everyone have extra playtime!

By Adam Y6D

Peacocks’ ‘Train Ride’ Walk



We have been learning all about the story ‘The Train Ride’ which is about looking out of the window on a train journey and saying ‘What shall I see? What shall I see?’ It then describes the lovely views and says, ‘That’s what I see, that’s what I see.’ We are thinking about writing our own stories based on looking out of our classroom window then off on our journey around the school. So yesterday we got our clipboards and pencils and headed off around the school grounds to write what we could see and draw a little picture. It was a lovely sunny day!

Some of us thought of:  ‘Daisy the swan, wooden and feathery’… ‘Big, round willow dome’ … ‘Tick tocky clock’ … ‘Wibbly wobbly bridge’ …’Rough bumpy tree’ … ‘Fast running people’ … ‘Fresh green grass’ … ‘Wooden creaky gate’ … ‘Yellow fresh daffodils’ … ‘Crows landing in the tree’ … ‘Green leaves’ … ‘Prickly twigs’ … ‘Glittering flowers’… We had so much fun!!






Peacocks’ Class Assembly


On Friday 2nd March we did our class assembly to the whole school and our mums and dads. It was all about Handa’s Surprise, we acted out the story, some of us were the animals with masks on who took fruit from Handa’s basket! We also talked about our favourite fruit and added our own describing words for them too. We showed our lovely pastel pictures of different fruits that we had drawn.

With the Olympics coming soon we thought of other ways to be healthy which was of course exercise! We acted out the different sports which everyone loved guessing!

Sophie read out her own story with new animals and fruit, it was really good! We loved doing ‘The Healthy Rap’ at the end it was really cool! We hope everyone enjoyed it, we did!




Getting Ready for Prickly Hay

Only 5 days to go until Prickly Hay! Year 1 and 2 are busy rehearsing for their Christmas Production of Prickly Hay. Year 2 have worked really hard to learn their lines, practice their music and their acting. Meanwhile Year 1 are busy learning their songs and dances. It will all come together for the dress rehearsal next Tuesday before the performances to parents on Thursday and Friday next week.