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Volcano Art

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Y6 have been creating some awesome volcano pictures! We took inspiration from artist Margret Godfrey’s volcano work. For the sky we did a stormy water colour wash and for the explosion, we blew ink through straws. For our mountain and lava flow we used tissue paper which also gave a brilliant texture. Enjoy looking at the pictures.
By Alice Y6H

Y6 appreciate art!

On Monday 14th of October Year 6 went on a fantastic visit to Southampton Art Gallery, we all had an exceptional time! Although we found the wire workshop tricky we are very proud of what our Medusa heads look like. Also we heard the fascinating story of Perseus and Medusa while looking at some amazing paintings that Sir Edward Burne-Jones had created. Finally we had a chance to explore the whole Gallery and we picked our favourite piece of art, the most popular was the motorbike made entirely out of paper.

We hope the next Year 6 will enjoy it as much as we did!

Y6 production Hoodwinked

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Year 6 will be performing for your entertainment, the production Hoodwinked on the 10th of July to the school and the parents. Both classes have been working hard learning their lines, singing and generally practising for the big play about Robin of Locksley’s battle against the evil wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.

Everyone in the production is appreciated and has a great part to play in the shows success whether they are playing Maid Marian or a taxi driver. Even though not everyone could have a big speaking part but would still enjoy either booing off the mighty Sheriff or joining in with our wonderful songs!

As you all know, year six productions are always full of fun, laughter and action, (dun dun dun!) some of our favourite lines are: “Hold on you twit” when the deputy mistakes the password. “works out? oh! in the forest you mean! Must be all that fresh air then!” when Helen doesn’t understand Jane’s comment. Finally, ” He looked alright outdoors but he doesn’t look good in a dungeon, you’d look wonderful in a dungeon!”

“To kind my dear to kind!”

Some of our favourite songs are: Robin of Locksley, What a man, Maid marions ladys, and out in the forest.

We can not wait to perform it to all the staff , children, friends and family, and Mr Johnathan from the secondary school. Remember to boo, hiss and cheer!