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Year 3 History mystery!

Our budding Historians in Year 3 have been busy solving picture mysteries to find out the subject of their new project. An old, fancy wooden  staircase  was the first clue, followed by  a man in a black uniform.  Guesses included the theatre, something to do with the Navy or Portsmouth Dockyards. One or two children started smiling and looking fairly confident, especially after our final reveal, an old, four funnelled passenger liner…  it was the Titanic!

Puffin and Penguin classes are now busily fact finding  about this remarkable liner and her maiden voyage.  They have been writing persuasive letters, designing posters, and working on individual research to answer their many questions.

  • How long should it have taken to sail to New York?
  • How much did a ticket cost?
  • Where did the water for the swimming pool come from?
  • What did the cabins look like?
  • How different were the first, second and third classes?
  • Why were icebergs there?
  • What did the “new” Morse code “SOS” signal mean?

The results of their  hard work will be on display for Y3 parents in our Titanic Exhibition, on Tuesday 4th November at 3pm.

We can’t wait!


Our trip to year 3

Today we went to Miss Tucks year 3 class to see what they were learning. We enjoyed it because they are doing things slightly differently to how we did them when we were in that year.
They were writing their legends about mythical people/creatures. They worked quickly and quietly as they were enjoying sending their characters down different routes leading to baffling problems. We loved our time and we think when they are finished they will be great!

World sports day 2012

On the 25th of June it was World Sports Day. Swanmore Primary played their part by doing  fun sports on the field. This was also part of their Olympics celebrations,there were lots of events like the sack race,assault course and many others.Every one took part and enjoyed themselves. At the end of the day Mr Paterson let everyone have extra playtime!

By Adam Y6D

Year 3D on a Trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods!

On the 24 April Y3D went to Captain Phillimor’es Woods. On the way there and back it was sunny but very muddy and at the end our boots were muddy, as you can imagine! We made Memory sticks { not the ones you put in the computer!} that we wrapped with wool using colours that we saw which would reminded us of our special day in the woods. We saw some of the things that Darren had built out of the trees that had fallen down. Darren is the person who looks after the woods; he keeps the trees trimmed, cuts down the brambles to keep us safe and teaches adults how to make things out of wood. When we first went into the woods we saw a huge sea of bluebells,it was amazing! Here are some of the things we thought stood out:

the white flowers
the mud
the bluebells
the green plants
playing hide and seek
the changes
the leaves
the birds
the cows!
the scenery
the puddles
the wild garlic
the fun
the wildlife
the memory sticks
the insects

So many memories! It was a never forgetting day!
By ELeanor Martin and Sopie Brame

Year 3 Hindu Temple Visit!

On Monday  16 January Year Three visited the Hindu Temple in Southampton.We were very excited because we didn’t know what it was going to look like.When we got in the coach Mrs Doran told us where to sit followed by Miss Tuck’s class.

As we arrived we saw a building which looked like a village hall and we were surprised that it was the actual place.We took our shoes off and went into the main room of the temple.It looked very different to St. Barnabas Church. There were lots of colourful  pictures of Gods and at one end there were shrines with statues of different Gods. Around them there were flowers, offerings of bananas and brightly painted scenes of different places and animals. It looked amazing!

When we got there we sat down on the carpet and watched the worshiping.There were people chanting and ringing bells.Then we got into our groups and did sketching of lots of things around us.Soon it was time to come back together so we could ask  Mr Raval questions.After that we sadly had to go!

This is what we thought:

It smelled like incense,

it had lots of pictures

but most of all it was brilliant!!

By Eleanor Martin and Sophie Brame


Merlins Street Dance session

Last week a teacher came in to teach us 4 different types of street dance. We learnt tutting, waving, locking and breakdance. 

We learnt to do 4 different types of street dancing! Later on Miss Tuck joined in. Everyone liked at least one type of dance. We learnt to do the worm and passed a wave around the circle.

When it ended we all wanted to do it again. We also had a laugh and a giggle! Some things were hard, but it was still really fun.

Katie and Honey  3T

Y3D Meets Their Fun partners!!

On November 4  2011 Y3D met their fun partners. Everyone was very very very excited  because we were going to meet our fun partners.  First we walked to their classroom and found them and introduced  ourselves then they introduced them selves. Next Mrs Hughes told us to make our fun partners tell us a story without any words. Our time went very quickly and when we went back they were waving to us. They were so cute !

by Sophie and Eleanor

Egyptian Day

On Wednesday 9th November Year 3 enjoyed an Egyptian Day. Everyone came to school dressed as an ancient Egyptian. We were all given egyptian names for the day. We did lots of activities to help us learn about life in Ancient Egypt. In drama we acted out the story of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Next we made egyptian collars for our costumes which we decorated with jewels. We made lots of delicious food to try later in our egyptian banquet. After lunch we wrote our names in hieroglyphics. To finish off the day we watched camel racing. Thank you year 6 for dressing up as our camels!