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Y3 Update

In maths last week we were learning all about vertical, horizontal and perpendicular lines, and acute, obtuse and right angles. This week we have been learning how to tell the time using a.m. and p.m. on analogue and digital clocks.
Over the last two weeks we have been using the picture book ‘The Whisperer’ and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to hone our prediction skills, use adverbs and write direct speech. We have also been learning how to summarise a chapter and compare and contrast the two stories.

Year 3 Update

This week, year 3 have been reading more of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and how he ends up being looked after by an elderly couple. We learnt how to use subordinating conjunctions and inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
In maths we applied our knowledge of the expanded subtraction method to solve word problems. We also assessed our learning so far in English and Maths.
Our puppets are now complete and they look fantastic! We are very proud of our art work.

Yr 3 Curriculum Update

Firstly, thank you for all your donations and support during our Harvest festival celebrations.  The children did us all really proud with their delivery and we supported Southampton City Mission with our numerous donations.


This week we have continued to work on our fluency, reasoning and problem solving whilst working within Maths.   We have been looking closely at Multiplication and Division (understanding the inverse) and have been working hard at our 3 times tables in particular.  The children have enjoyed taking responsibility for their learning and have been using the self check sheets to push their learning forwards at a quicker rate.


We have continued to read James and the Giant Peach and the children are engrossed.  When we have been writing about what will happen next in the story the children have been using ADDSPICE for our sentence starters.  A=Adverbs, D=describe, D=drop clause, S=simile, P=preposition, I=ing words, C=connectives/conjunctions and E=ed words.  The children have been able to write with greater variety using this system and are becoming highly proficient!

Year 3 Curriculum Update


We have enjoyed reading about Sir Francis Drake and considering his role as a pirate. This has led on to other research about exploration and life on board sailing ships in these times. The children have started to write their own adventure stories, with a focus on using paragraphs correctly to provide a good structure. Our revision of synonyms and the use of fronted adverbials have brought our descriptions to life, and the openers used aim to capture the interest of our readers.


Our work in maths has been based around  measures, starting with estimating and measuring  the  capacity of different containers,  and then moving on to explore and solve  different word problems. We have now returned to the topic of time, using AM and PM correctly, as well as  learning how the 24 hour clock is used on train and bus timetables. We are moving on to calculating intervals of time, with a focus on showing our working out.

We hope that you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine and hope that it continues for our pirate camp later this week! Arrr!



Year 3 curriculum update

In English the children have enjoyed planning and writing their own legends. They have supported each other to read and edit before producing the final draft.

In maths we have continued to explore expanded column methods for addition and subtraction. We have also been rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 and using this skill to estimate answers to problems before calculating exactly.

Let’s Harvest!

Well done Year 3, all of your hard work paid off as you led our Junior Harvest  Service  in church today. Everyone spoke clearly to share our work on “Colours in Autumn” and even the problem with the music did not stop a lively performance of the “Harvest rock and roll!”   We are very proud of you all.

We would also like to thank everyone for their generous food donations, which were collected by  Southampton City Mission.

The Year 3 team.



Year 3 curriculum update

Over the last two weeks in English we have been enjoying many different fables, exploring many features including the animal characters and their settings. The children have planned and written their own fable which we are currently publishing into a class book.

In maths we have been describing, sorting and naming 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been working on  partitioning  3 – (extending to 4-) digit numbers, and recognising the value of each digit. All children also have their personal times table target which we test weekly.

Year 3 Enterprise!

P7102684Year 3 would like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Enterprise stall at the Infant sports day on Friday.

The stall marked the end of our Enterprise project, having worked through initial brainstorming, product design, market research using our own questionnaires with the Infants and the final production stage. Our chosen products, tasty homemade biscuits and juicy fruit kebabs proved to be a great success and were washed down with a refreshing glass of squash.

Our whole year group made a  brilliant sales team on the day, circulating  amongst the parents and children, sharing posters and persuading everyone to visit the stall.

We are very proud to be able to present our profit of £158.00 to the St George Foundation.

Great team work Year 3!


Year 3 Pirate Camp and Scooter Mania!

P6112620On Thursday the 11th June Year 3 went camping on the school field. The activities we did were the treasure game, making the pirate hats, putting multilink in our boats we made out of 1 piece of card and 1 piece of paper ,doing pirate bunting and the pirate quiz and the scooter parade .The tents were in a horse shoe shape and it was really exiting .Before bed we had hot dogs and hot chocolate, which was delicious. We also sang some songs .For breakfast we had the choice of bacon sandwhiches or jam sandwhiches. It was so fun! By Eve Perkins and Florence Dempster.

Year 3 Amazing African Drumming Concert!

Year 3 have been working with Miss Baker from the Hampshire Music service to learn to play  West African Percussion instruments. We used words and phrases  like “Africa”  and “Hear the bell, play the djembe” to help us learn the rhythms. The finished piece was fantastic!

We have also been singing an African song called “Senwa Dedende” which sounded brilliant when all 60 children sang together during our concert yesterday. One of our favourite parts was when our fun partners and parents in the audience were asked to join in too!

We are looking forward to moving on to violins next term.