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Kingfisher Fire Brigade

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We have had a terrific time this week learning about the history of fire engines. Kingfisher Fire Brigade designed and made their own fire fighting vehicles to help tackle the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Our vehicles had fixed wheels and moving axles, fire hooks, squirts, buckets, ladders and bells.

We enjoyed showing them to parents this afternoon.

Year 2 Enterprise Cake Sale

Well done Year 2 for raising a fantastic £167.50 selling their ‘Cooking for Fun’ cakes after the Mothering Sunday Service. All money raised will be donated to the St. George Foundation.

A special thank you to Mrs Walton who supported the children with baking, decorating, promoting and selling. Thanks also to the volunteers at Barnaby’s Coffee Shop for making the hot drinks to accompany cakes. Finally, a HUGE thank you to Y2 parents for making additional large cakes to sell and all infant parents for buying them!

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The wait begins….

This term Year 2 have been learning to write letters. We were inspired by the Amy Husband book “Dear Teacher”. We researched places in the United Kingdom to add a geographical element to our adventure letters. After drafting them and writing into neat, we have now finally sent the letters to the publisher in America. Our school council representatives Earl and Eleni went to the Post Office with Mrs Robinson and our very heavy package. It cost over twelve pounds to send it registered post – we want to make sure it gets there! Now we will have to wait and see what the publishers think of our work.

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Following Instructions in Year 2

Year 2 had a super time today, following a set of instructions written by our friend. We learnt how to knit, tie our laces, make a bead necklace and lots more as well.

We had to make sure that our instructions were clear and easy to read. They had to include words such as ‘bossy’ verbs and ‘time connectives’. We even included a diagram so our friend knew how it should look at the end.

Everyone was very excited with their results and there were lots of paper aeroplanes being flown at breaktime. We now have lots of new skills so there should be lots of help at home with the shoe shining and making sandwiches.

Chinese New Year assembly

The infants started their Chinese New Year celebrations a little bit early this week with a fantastic assembly led by Mrs Lyn Ng . Mrs Ng is Elysia Pateman’s grandmother. Elysia calls her  Ah Yun. Elysia’s grandfaher is chinese and Elysia calls him Ah Yea . Mrs Ng and Mrs Pateman (Elysia’s mum) brought in a fantastic array of Chinese New Year artefacts to share with us. Mrs. Ng talked to the children about the customs associated with the celebration.

We found out that chinese people clean their homes on New Years Eve and prepare all food. This is because the act of sweeping will sweep away good luck and chopping will cut your relationships if they are done on New Years Day. On New Years Day, children give their parents an orange each to represent a bag of gold and say “Gong Xi Fa Cai”. The parents then give a red envelope filled with money.