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Y3 Update

Last week, Year 3 were looking at units of time in maths – hours, days, weeks and months.
In English we finished writing our pirate stories which we then shared with one another.
Our pirate theme continued into our overnight camp on the field where we enjoyed lots of pirate-themed activities and campfire songs (minus the fire!). After a ‘sleep’ in tents, we woke to a cooked sausage breakfast and juice, followed by more piratey activities. We hope you all slept well on Friday night!

Y3 Update

In maths last week we were learning all about vertical, horizontal and perpendicular lines, and acute, obtuse and right angles. This week we have been learning how to tell the time using a.m. and p.m. on analogue and digital clocks.
Over the last two weeks we have been using the picture book ‘The Whisperer’ and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to hone our prediction skills, use adverbs and write direct speech. We have also been learning how to summarise a chapter and compare and contrast the two stories.

Yr 3 Curriculum Update

Firstly, thank you for all your donations and support during our Harvest festival celebrations.  The children did us all really proud with their delivery and we supported Southampton City Mission with our numerous donations.


This week we have continued to work on our fluency, reasoning and problem solving whilst working within Maths.   We have been looking closely at Multiplication and Division (understanding the inverse) and have been working hard at our 3 times tables in particular.  The children have enjoyed taking responsibility for their learning and have been using the self check sheets to push their learning forwards at a quicker rate.


We have continued to read James and the Giant Peach and the children are engrossed.  When we have been writing about what will happen next in the story the children have been using ADDSPICE for our sentence starters.  A=Adverbs, D=describe, D=drop clause, S=simile, P=preposition, I=ing words, C=connectives/conjunctions and E=ed words.  The children have been able to write with greater variety using this system and are becoming highly proficient!

Excited about English

Y4 were extremely excited to arrive at school and find it was World Book Day yesterday!  They enjoyed an afternoon of book-related activities that included entering the World Book Day bookmark competition, writing their own very short (10 word) story and writing a book recommendation for one of John Dougherty’s books, three of which they had read as a class (Niteracy Hour, Zeus on the Loose and Jack Slater Monster Investigator) and many of them reading more of his titles.  Year 4 can’t wait to meet John Dougherty himself when he visits Swanmore next week!

Please enjoy some of Year 4’s 10 word stories…I wonder what they would have looked like if they had been longer?

I saw a golden-brown leaf on the playground floor.

Big bad wolf could only shatter the little pig’s house.

Dear Diary

Today we are learning to write from a character’s point of view by writing a diary. We are using The Piano animation to inspire our writing. There is a scene in which the main character is in the war with his comrade. The scene has a sad ending…

Dear diary,
It is with heart-breaking sadness that I write today. This is possibly the worst day during this terrible, dreadful war. My soul is full with guilt. Two thoughts race rapidly through my destroyed mind. Did I really have to take that second look at my back up? He must have taken it as the signal.
Well me and partner Charlie sped through the ruin of what humans used to call home. We stopped at a wall. My arm slapped the damaged wall. Forcing some crumpled brick to tumble off, I took two looks at my kit.
“Blast” The final shot had gone. I raced to Charlie. He lay there helpless. His last breath swept across my cold cheek.
Why did it have to be Charlie, my friend. What shall I say? What shall I say? This will stay with me, my friend in my heart forever.

By Toby J.

The Birdman’s point of view

The Birdman is a character from ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpougo.
He is 80 year old man that people always blame. People think he is mean but he is not.

I am absolutely fuming, I just found out that that people think I am mad because I live on my own at Heathy Hill.
I am quite happy because 2 children have come down to Rushy Bay and sailed their boats.
I have just had the confidence to leave my house and write 2 letters in the sand for the children hopefully they will see it.
I am so glad i have just got a message from the children it says thank you for the boats.

Eloisa and Jacob

Who is Beowulf?

In year 5 we have been hearing and writing about Beowulf the saxon hero poem. We had to draw the pictures in a comic layout as the story went on and we had to write a poem about the death-dealing doom dragon. All three of the stories were very exiting but also very long.


What is the Sun?

This week year 2 have been looking at a poem called ‘What is the Sun?’ by Wes Magee.

We were then given 4 different activities to have a go at. Painting a sun picture using watercolours, finding out facts about the sun, making a sun picture using pin pricks and reading ‘What is the Sun?’ and putting some actions with it.

We really enjoyed our activities. Have a look at the pictures and see what you think.




Revolting Recipes

Today in Y5C we made up some revolting recipes our recipes were called spaghetti surprise and sticky icky chocolate bunny.

All the recipes were revolting but great. Here are some stuff that others had in there recipes:eye eye eyes,bats blood,a cup of siliva,snake skin and cows legs.

Here are some of them read aloud:

Eloisa’s recipe          Rhea’s recipe        Sam’s recipe     Samuel’s Recipe

Year Two Big Write

Year Two had a great time this morning writing their own version of a Cinderella story.

Fairy lights flickered and candles helped to create a calm atmospere,

as both classes enjoyed writing in a peaceful room.

Zak thought the experience was, “awesome!”

Ruth said “it was the best thing she had done.”

Izzy said, “She couldn’t wait to start writing!”

Aiden thought, “it was really fun and it helped him to write!”

The chocolate cookie reward helped to consolidate everyone’s learning!!