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Wales Wk1 Day4

A very adventurous time has been had by all, visiting the waterfall and going into the caves!

Today is a bright, clear day and much warmer.

The adults are very proud of the way the children have behaved all week.

Everyone is still happy and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at about 2.00pm.

Wales Wk1 Day3

A great day – everyone made it to the top of Pen Y Fan, through frost and heavy cloud.  At the top of the mountain it was sunny with blue skies and lovely views of the clouds.

Everyone slept well and ate a hearty breakfast.  All well and happy.


Wales Wk1 Day1

Mr Hughes’ class arrived safely after a smooth journey, and have unpacked.

The weather is overcast at the moment and the mountain tops cannot be seen.

Everyone was very excited and having a good time.  Everyone is looking forward to a delicious meal tonight, followed by a good night’s sleep!

(Monday afternoon)

Would you rather…

…have limited access or be free? In year six we have been holding debates. The question was – should the mounains in the Brecon Beacons be open to anyone? 6H were  asked to give reasons against it and 6D were for the proposal. So it was on, who would win?

To start off, both classes split into groups. The groups then had a subject to discuss with the others. On the day of the debate, each party took turns to discuss the matter. There were some very keen arguments between both sides, resulting in a large problem – which side would please the many Chairmen and Chairladies?

In the end it was decided that, as they had both done a wonderful job, they all got 5 minutes extra play!

So really the debate had resulted in a tie, where both arguments were crowd-pleasing to the teachers!

By Emily and Daisy

(and we would rather have the mountains free to anyone!)

6D in Wales

Last week (Monday 5th – Friday 10th March) 6D went to Wales on a five day residential. We were going to have a week away from school (Yes!) and a week away from all our modern gadgets (No!). The staff coming with us was; Mrs Dirks, Mr Cook, Miss Scrase, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Hunt and Mrs Stevens.

We arrived at school on Monday  morning, all eager to get away. We said our last goodbyes to our families (It was hard to leave them.) (I had to put that in for the effect.) and boarded the minibuses. The journey was long and tension filled. Lunch was tasty. When we arrived we were told which room we were in and who was with us in them. After a lovely tea of soup and jacket potato (cooked perfectly by Mrs Hunt.) we went out. But where to?, was the Question on everybody lips. I’m not telling you. Its a secret! When we got back after our mystery journey we had cake and a mystery potion to warm us up (Hot chocolate).

After a peaceful night we all woke up bright and new on Tuesday morning (well most of us). We had another perfect meal cooked once again by Mrs Hunt. We gathered all our stuff (lunch and so on) and went on a walk with a twist ( Yes I can see you in front of your computer begging for me to tell you. But I’m mean so I won’t tell you.). After a lovely lunch with panoramic views we walked back to the centre and boarded the buses. When we departed from the buses we were at a river. Our task; to dam the river. Why; another secret. The dam building was really fun and everybody was a valuable member of the team. We even, through our wonderful teamwork, managed to build a double dam.  The meal that night was once again a marvelous one.

In the morning we a wonderful breakfast once again. The announcement of Wednesdays activity was met with much appreciation; we were going to climb Pen Y Fan (pronounced Penny Van), the tallest mountain in southern Britain. Pen Y Fan is 886 metres high. We parked at the same place that we had on Tuesday when we built the dams. The tension was almost unbearable as we started to trek towards the mountain. We passed a cottage. Up a hill. Along the path. We stopped for our snack and a drink. On our way up the mountain we walked along a path that had a small stream running down it. We emerged over a mound to a lake where we had lunch. In a sheltered corner of the lake there was a stream running off.  The beginning of the stream was full of frogspawn.

After a refreshing lunch we set up the mountain towards Corn Du.(Pronounced Horn Dee) (Pen Y Fan’s mountain twin.) We climbed and climbed. Finally we arrived at Corn Du. The wind was unbelievably strong. After a few short moments at the top we set off again towards Pen Y Fan. About 15 minutes later we were at the top of Pen Y Fan. The sensation was wonderful; we were the highest people in southern Britain. The way down had a twist. Firstly, we didn’t go down the way we came up. And secondly we bum slid down. Hugh showed us good paths to slide. It was amazingly fun. Just as we got back to the buses it started to pour with hail.

Thursday was, in my eyes, the best day of the wonderful week. Once again we set off in our minibuses. We were going to a cave called Porth Yr Ogof. On the way there we saw a few sinkholes. They were extraordinary sights. When we arrived at the cave we kitted up in caving suits, helmets and helmet lights. As the darkness swallowed around us Hugh showed us how to turn on and off our helmet lights. The cave was dark and uninviting. About an hour into the trip Hugh gave us each an instruction and we were on our own to navigate the cave. Finally we were with the adults again and we made our way out. When we were out of the cave we had lunch.

After lunch we went waterfall walking. Some of the waterfalls were beautiful. We walked down the river. The water was cold at first but after it had been in you wellies for half an hour it warmed up. We dipped and dived in and out of the river. The warmth of the vans was very inviting to us.

When we got back we showered and then packed. After a truly memorable week we had our last meal and went to bed for the last time. In the morning we woke up and left. When we got back to school at last our parents were waiting for us and we greeted them with glee.

On behalf of all of Y6D I would like to thank all the staff that came with us.

By Jack Y6D