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Year 2 Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

We made some healthy sandwiches. Also we made a pully and sent the healthy sandwiches across the table to our partner.

We had a little picnic with our partner and we had to describe the sandwiches on our friend’s piece of work.

By Faye Rustell and Mathieu Loran

Y6 Fairground Rides

Year Six have recently been building the world’s best fairground rides! Ok, maybe you can’t ride on them, but they’re still cool! We started by building a basic box, for some of us, this was easy. Others, however, didn’t find it as easy! This took a certain amount of ‘skill’. This phrase was repeated a lot by a certain someone, A.K.A Mr Hughes! After this, we needed to cover the box in cardboard. Again, this required a lot of skill! Next, we had to start to construct the actual ride. We had to build lots of small parts before connecting them all together (like collecting all the lego pieces Mr Hughes said!) There were lots of different designs around the class, some of these included: card, string, corruflute and (of course) wood.

Finally, at long, long, long last, we got to design and construct the seats -yay! This was one of the best parts of building our ride, again (yes).  We needed to design them and get an ‘OK’ from Mr Hughes, the master. There were so many designs around the class, we even had miniature rockets! The finished products (we mean, rides, really) looked fab! Which is why we videoed three of our  rides. Some people were screaming the whole way through, while others were whooping and laughing. We hope you enjoy watching our amazing rides.

Battle of Mars       Milky Way     Universal Drop

Bread Making

This week year 5 have been learning about bread, and on friday we were lucky enough to see how it was made. Mr Bundy and Mrs Bundy the bakers from Stainers Bakery in Bishops Waltham, came to show us how it was done and every one got to take part in all the activities!

We kneaded the dough mixture then we all made a knotted roll.  Mr Bundy then showed us how to make a plaited loaf and on one of them he even made a mouse out of dough!

We got to eat the rolls at the end of the day – they were delicious!

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Bundy from Stainers Bakery.

Photos coming soon.

Bread Tasting!

On Wednesday 22 nd of February 2012 year 5 had a bread tasting session where we tasted all sorts of breads from around the world, WOW!

We tasted lots of breads and asked what people thought about them, here’s just a few:

Lauren’s favourite one was the Irish soda bread, she described the taste as sweet, said it looked  moist and felt dry.

Joe’s favourite was the Rosemary and salt focaccia bread, he described the taste as really nice but a bit too salty for him.  He thought it looked appealing and felt soft.

Emily said her favourite bread was the Seeded Baton which she described as tasty and tangy.  She said it looked mottled and felt gritty.

There was also White Sourdough, Whole grain Rye and the Olive Ciabatta bread.

Some people liked different breads compared to others.

One bread which people didn’t like was the whole grain Rye.That bread was marked 0 out of 10.

Overall the session was fun and tasted good!

By Molly and Sol.    




Cam Toys

In year 5 we have been making Victorian cam toys. First we measured the wood 3x13cm,2x19cm. Then we cut the wood. We made 6 squares and each one was 3 and a 1/2cm by 3 and a 1/2cm.

Then we cut them into triangles so we had 12 triangles. Then we stuck them onto the corners of our spar frames to hold them together.

After that we made strips of card to make some pegs stick on. Then we stuck some clothes pegs on.

Next step coming soon…

Moving Books in Year 4

Y4c have been making some phenomenal moving books, for our amazing yr fun partners (Mrs Hall’s class.) We done it in eight stages here is a list of the eight stages.

Stage one-looking at moving parts.     Stage two-making a simple dancing cat.     Stage three-look at different models of moving mechanisims and try to copy them.      Stage four-Explore fonts and graphics using ICT.     Stage five-design individual pages making sure that they will fit together to form a group book. Stage six-carefully make the individual pages. We are really sorry that we can’t tell you any more because we haven’t finished them yet. 

To make our books we used:  Cardboard,Card,Masking tape,Split pin’s,Tape,Mr Cook also helped us with the craft knife we are all looking forward to doing the other stages.

By Chris and William M.


Moving Cats

The challenge of making a moving cat was quite something! Children soon realised that this was really a DT lesson involving card and split pins not a real cat. It proved quite tricky to decide which pivots should be fixed and which should be loose.
We all did it, and then decorated them!
Check out the photographs.