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Year 3 Curriculum update

Year 3 have had a busy couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy looking at our new book study ‘The Abominables’ in English and revising our number and place value work in maths.

However, the Year 3 Pirate Camp has to be one of the highlights, with the children taking part in a range of pirate tasks. The evening activities included flag designing, boat floating, clay coin making and treasure collecting. Mrs Woodman and Mrs Smith kindly led us through a campfire singing session, with some very catchy tunes that the children are still singing in class today! After the children had some sleep, they cleared out their tents and enjoyed a sausage sandwich or three for breakfast.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up and then pack down all of the tents, meaning the year 3’s could carry on with more pirate activities in the morning.

If a pirate sleepover wasn’t enough excitement, we were very lucky to have Mr Watson join us the following Friday morning for a special science experiment. Take a look at this video to see the end result:
Lolly stick explosion!

If you have some lollypop sticks and a lot of patience, then do try it at home!


Mouldy bread!

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Y6 have started a new science experiment on mould and micro-organisms. We have put different kinds of things on bread such as tooth paste, guinea-pig, vinegar, bleach and other things and sealed them in bags. Then we filled out a chart so that we can monitor what happens to each piece of bread over time. We are waiting for our results.

Year 4 – What we’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

In English we have been investigating the digestive system and writing information pages, which we showed off to our families in our open afternoon on Thursday.

In Maths, we have revised the grid method for multiplication of 1 digit by 3 digit numbers, and have been using these skills to carry out an investigation.

We have also carried out assessments in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, reading and maths.

This weekend the homework is to write an acrostic poem about Easter, which is almost upon us. Have a great weekend!

Incredible Intech

As Y6 boarded the bus that would take us to Winchester Science Center, we were all hoping for a good time and we were right. We were put into groups and taken upstairs to check out some of the exhibits. After that we were taken into the Planetarium where we were shown a video about all the planets in the Solar System. Next it was time for questions.Our favourite question was, “What happens when you get sucked into a Black Hole?” The answer was you get spaghettified!

Freya & Luke, Y6H

Year 4’s Science Challenge!

Year 4 have enjoyed two visits from Mr Watson, our STEM ambassador, where they designed and created boats!

Their weekend challenge was to try making either a catamaran, or a ship with a keel (or both).

In order for the boats to be successful, they had to:


Be waterproof

Stay upright in the water

Have a radar mast/crows nest.

Yesterday, they shared them – they were all very impressive!

Shiny or Dull?

Today Year 2 were busy sorting  different materials to start our new science project.

We used our senses to think of lots of adjectives to describe them.

There were so many to choose from……….

I wonder how many you can remember?


Amazing Apple Avalanche!!!

In y6d we had to keep cooking apples away from mold.  One apple we had to preserve the other we had to try and make moldy.  We weren’t allowed to break or cut the apples and the preserved apple had to be edible! We only had five minutes to do this and the apples had to stay inside the classroom as well as having to stay in one piece!

Watch this space…results coming soon

Micro-organisms investigation

Y6H(Mr. Hughes class) have beeen doing an experiment to see what helps and slows down micro-organisms(bacteria) growth! We started it on the 3/10/12.

As well as the control we had vacuum packed, sprayed with dettol, sprayed with water, sprayed with citric acid, dissolved in water, sprayed with hairspray, spread with butter, spread with butter mixed with salt, spread with butter mixed with sugar, frozen, stored in lunch box, put in a warm room, handled by class, toasted, broken into pieces and placed on the carpet for a minute! After we had done what had to be done to  the bread we sealed them all in bags(appart from the one in the lunch box) then we hung them up on a display board so we could monitor their behaviour daily.

The first one to show signs of micro-organisms was the one that was stored in the lunch box, it went fluffy on one of its corners and after two days of our investigation it had stuck itself to the bottom of its container and would not move!

All of the bread appart from the vacuum packed, sprayed with hairspray, butter and salt, butter and sugar and the freezer have all gone mouldy but some of them are not that mouldy! The two worst would have to be the broken into pieces and the one in the warm room! You would have to be pretty desperate to eat them!

Year 4 “Funny Bones” Assembly

On Friday the 28th of September 2012 it was Y4D’ s bone breaking assembly!!! We were ready for action on the stage with sherlock bones our life size skeleton . The speeches came rushing out of peoples mouths loud and clear while the audience faces were wide open as if they were going to faint but… year 4D saved the day with their grooooovy skeleton moves! As the music faded away we  froze in our breath taking potion. After a couple more speeches it was time for the amazing x-ray factor!  We had the contestants and the judges ready for the show.  Laughter rippled through the audience throughout the performance it was a “bonetastic assembly”

by Holly Giles and Katie Chalmers