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Y3 Update

Last week, Year 3 were looking at units of time in maths – hours, days, weeks and months.
In English we finished writing our pirate stories which we then shared with one another.
Our pirate theme continued into our overnight camp on the field where we enjoyed lots of pirate-themed activities and campfire songs (minus the fire!). After a ‘sleep’ in tents, we woke to a cooked sausage breakfast and juice, followed by more piratey activities. We hope you all slept well on Friday night!

Wales week 2, Thursday

Week 2: Day 4 Mrs Dirks’ Class
A very busy and exciting day, visiting the waterfall, exploring the caves and wading through the river.
The weather has been damp, but it hasn’t dampened our spirits.
Everyone still happy and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at approximately 2.00pm.

Wales week 2, Wednesday

Week 2: Day 3 Mrs Dirks’ Class
Another amazing day. The weather has been cloudy and overcast, with just a glimpse of the sun. Everyone reached the top of the mountain where it was very misty.
The children are enjoying the delicious cakes. Everyone well and having a great time.

Wales Wk1 Day4

A very adventurous time has been had by all, visiting the waterfall and going into the caves!

Today is a bright, clear day and much warmer.

The adults are very proud of the way the children have behaved all week.

Everyone is still happy and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at about 2.00pm.

Wales Wk1 Day3

A great day – everyone made it to the top of Pen Y Fan, through frost and heavy cloud.  At the top of the mountain it was sunny with blue skies and lovely views of the clouds.

Everyone slept well and ate a hearty breakfast.  All well and happy.


Wales Wk1 Day1

Mr Hughes’ class arrived safely after a smooth journey, and have unpacked.

The weather is overcast at the moment and the mountain tops cannot be seen.

Everyone was very excited and having a good time.  Everyone is looking forward to a delicious meal tonight, followed by a good night’s sleep!

(Monday afternoon)