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Y3 Update

In maths last week we were learning all about vertical, horizontal and perpendicular lines, and acute, obtuse and right angles. This week we have been learning how to tell the time using a.m. and p.m. on analogue and digital clocks.
Over the last two weeks we have been using the picture book ‘The Whisperer’ and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to hone our prediction skills, use adverbs and write direct speech. We have also been learning how to summarise a chapter and compare and contrast the two stories.

Straight from the author’s mouth – award winning author visits our school to inspire our children.

The award winning author Andrew Weale visited our school last week and spent the day with the Infants. Not only did he read to the children but he also shared his story writing tips and techniques. Andrew is the author of children’s favourites, including Nora The Girl Who Ate and Ate and Ate and Dinosaur Doo. He is passionate about creative writing and the creative process behind storytelling and writing.

Andrew commented: “I love meeting the children who read my books. Hearing their reactions to story lines and watching them laugh is why I write. I create stories I know children love and genuinely want to read. I think too many picture books are prescriptive and are sometimes in line with what adults want rather than what children enjoy.”

“Reading with your child is golden time. It is essential and special so why not make them laugh and encourage their creativity whilst you do it.”

We invited the author to our school to inspire our children in both their reading and writing . Andrew gave three individual interactive presentations, each was tailored to the respective year group, allowing Andrew through storytelling, creative thinking and writing techniques to fire the children’s imagination.


Mr Paterson explains: “It was clear the children from YR, Y1 and Y2 loved meeting the author of books they know and enjoy. This is an important initiative for the school and one we try to carry out each year. The children clearly went away not only wanting to read more but also to be inspired about their own writing.”

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Excited about English

Y4 were extremely excited to arrive at school and find it was World Book Day yesterday!  They enjoyed an afternoon of book-related activities that included entering the World Book Day bookmark competition, writing their own very short (10 word) story and writing a book recommendation for one of John Dougherty’s books, three of which they had read as a class (Niteracy Hour, Zeus on the Loose and Jack Slater Monster Investigator) and many of them reading more of his titles.  Year 4 can’t wait to meet John Dougherty himself when he visits Swanmore next week!

Please enjoy some of Year 4’s 10 word stories…I wonder what they would have looked like if they had been longer?

I saw a golden-brown leaf on the playground floor.

Big bad wolf could only shatter the little pig’s house.

The Magic Finger Book Review

In this book we have spotted. Lodes of Suppose, including short snappy sentence. We have also spotted a lot of connectives and punctuation.roald Dahl Had such a bad school report and now he is one of the most famous story tellers because he he gets in side the charter mind and feels and there point of view.He also adds a lot of imagination in to it.

The Diary of the Killer Cat

This story is about a cat that kills rabbits , birds and small animals. The story is also interesting because you can’t anticipate what will happen next.
Ellie has a cat called Tuffy, he’s a lovely fluffy cat to Ellie but becomes a killer cat at night!
Dad has to dress up as a cat burglar to get the rabbit back into the hutch. The cat tries to get out into the front garden to get the rabbit back.
I love this book because it’s really adventurous.
In the kitchen ,the owners of Tuffy , say the shopping list. They then say “should we get cat food?” Tuffy says “yes, you should , what else am I supposed to eat all day !!”
Tuffys owners are desperately trying to find a way to stop him catching and eating poor little animals.
Beware of Tuffy the Killer Cat.
What will be next through the cat flap?

Year 6’s first SATS

On the 14th of May, 2012, year 6 had their first SATS. It was a long and gruesome reading comprehension, about the great plague. The great plague is well known. It started in 1663 and lasted until 1665. Most of us thought it was as easy/hard as the other reading comprehensions we had practised before and the subject matter was quite interesting.

This was the first of 7 SATs tests that we’ll do this week. We have to do all of these in only 4 days! Tomorrow is the writing papers – I’m  more worried about these than the other tests.

If you ever get worried about your SATS, just remember that SATS are only tests, to see what you need to improve on, but you still need to try your best.  If you are still worried then may be you could bring in something lucky, like a lucky charm or your favourite cuddly toy.

Good luck in your SATS!