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Guinea Pigs

Teachers are falling before the hands (sorry, paws) of GUINEA PIGS! Yes, these incredibly cute animals have come to school! These fury friends have now got the title ‘Distraction NO.1’. Students are falling for these animal’s incredible good looks. Read on to find out what their names are.

We have recently had a competition to name the Guinea Pigs. We were allowed to, for about 2 weeks, put names for the guinea pigs in two folders. At the start of the third week three sets of names were put forward and we had to vote for our favourite set of names. The names put forward were; Jelly and Tot, Toffee and Fudge and Bubble and Squeeck. Finally the votes were counted… The winer was revealed… The names of our Guinea Pigs were… Toffe and Fudge! Our Guinea Pigs are named after two delisious treats that changed the world. And like Toffee and Fudge (Mmm) changed the world, I feel that Toffee and Fudge (So cute) will change the school.

They are now touring the world (a.k.a The school) like real celebraties (a.k.a Guinea Pigs).

By Jack  Y6D

Twin cats with the Montague twins!

Alex and Jacob brought their 9 week old kittens to school. Coco and Jess sat purr-fectly on their laps while they told us all about how to get ready for kittens to come and live with you! They had to buy food, a scratching post, a litter tray and cat litter. Alex and Jacob knew so much about their pets. Well done boys!

Ceilidh came to the dance!

Oliver brought his pet Ceilidh to school on Thursday afternoon. A Ceilidh (pronounced Kaylee) is a scottish dance. She is a rottweiler which is a german cattle herding breed of dogs. Despite her size she doesn’t need much excercise but she does eat lots of food. Her diet is one large jug of dry dog food each day and lots of water. She is groomed when her coat begins to shed for the warmer weather. Ceilidh was a very well behaved visitor.

Sydney Sturt – “tiger” cat in YR

Lucy brought her gorgeous cat Sydney to school. Mrs Sturt said that Sydney had the markings of a tiger! He sat so calmly while Lucy told us all about how to look after him.

We found out that he likes to eat dry cat food and that he enjoys having his fur brushed. He is also a bit lazy and likes to relax alot!

“Hairy” the pony really was hairy!

Harvey and his mummy brought Hairy the pony to visit as part of our YR Pets Week.  Hairy is a dale pony – this means he would traditionally be found roaming the Yorkshire Dales (a little bit like our local New Forest ponies do).

Hairy was very big and very hairy! His mane and tail are never trimmed and are brushed for pony shows. Hairy has his shoes refitted every six weeks. He eats pony nuts, sugarbeat and haylige.

Hairy won Supreme Champion in the South West Association Show. Well done Hairy and Ms. Chappell!

Rufus the Spaniel came to see YR

Jessica’s grandma brought in Rufus the cocker spaniel. He is 11 years old. So we think he is a Grandpa!

Rufus was so well behaved, especially when the children stroked him.

Rufus was a rescue dog. He lived in a cage and was very unfit. Now he lives with Jessica’s grandma he gets lots of exercise because he gets a walk every single day.

We found out that Rufus likes to eat carrots!

Stick Insects hide in YR!

Finlay brought his stick insect pets to school. We had a tricky time finding them as they were camouflaged in the ivy!

We found out that they like eating ivy leaves. They were called Harry Potter and Jimmy.

Pets in YR

Today we started our new theme of “PETS”. The children were so excited to share there own pet ideas. Mrs James introduced us to the new role play area: Swanmore Veterinary Center. It was a very busy surgery today with up to 12 vets working at once! Every animal that walked or limped through the door was injected, bandaged and had a full ear, eye and heart check whether they needed one or not!