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Captain Philimore’s Woods

The sun rose, birds chirped, another beautiful day had begun. Whispers of excitement disturbed the peace, and thirty small children slowly appeared through the trees.

They sat beneath me, my leaves and branches towered above their heads as they ran through the woods yelling with joy and happiness.I smiled silently inside as I gazed at them adoringly as I did every year with each group of children that came. Little did they know, they had a lot more excitement to come.

Years passed, and I watched the same group grow and change each time they came. Finally, they were older than all the other children who came to visit, and it was time for them to spend the night.

Bivvies were built, songs were sung.The camp fire roared underneath me and I could feel the warmth from the flickering flames below.

The sweet smell of hot chocolate rose into the air and nightfall slowly began to close in. Shimmering stars emerged in the dark sky as the once-tiny children prepared themselves for the long night ahead.

I sighed as the frosty wind whistled through my leaves. I heard a long creak from one of the other trees nearby and a group of exhausted looking girls stumbled by. Were they in danger? The tree must’ve been close to falling down.

I wondered what had happened as the night passed me by, and the morning sunlight shone brightly in the sky.

A fox, its vivid scarlet fur blowing in the gentle breeze and its amber eyes gleaming in the dappled sunlight, crept underneath me, and sniffed around where the children had sat last night. It was quickly disturbed by a yawn from a nearby tent that sent it flying into the thick undergrowth nearby.

Birds sung their cheerful melodies and, one by one, the children appeared from their tents. Breakfast was soon over with, and all bivvies packed away. The children walked away quietly down the silent field, no doubt remembering boggarts and prayer sticks and other memories from before.

I stared as they went, wishing them a quiet goodbye as they glanced back, turned the corner, and were gone without a word.

By Catherine Y6

Year 4D “Tropical” Woods Visit

Glorious weather allowed us to have a tropical visit to Captain Phillimore’s woods on Tuesday. The walk to the woods which is approximately 2 miles was fun but we had to stop a couple of times to drink our water as the temperature was soaring so it took us a little longer to get there!

We had a fun packed day exploring the woods for all the different types of leaves on the plants and trees and then sketching them in our books. In partners we then completed a scavenger hunt which some of us found a little tricky!

We ate our packed lunch with the sun shining down on all of us, it was wonderful.

In the afternoon we shared with each other a special “something” we had found in the woods and why it was special.

Luckily our teacher had reminded us all to keep some water in our bottles so we were all able to have our last sunshine water stop on our way back to school. It was a wonderful day and the sunshine helped keep the smiles on our faces all day.

Y6 Bivvy Camp

On the 21st of June Y6 were due to go on Bivvy camp. Bivvy is an annual event that all of  year 6 attend, it is their last ever trip to Captain Phillimore’s Wood. We all think that it is a great goodbye to the woods that have been part of our life since year 3. Unforunately, because of the (typically British) weather we were unable to go. Fortunately this had been anticipated and a back up date had been put forward so we had to use it. The back up date was the week after and we all came in on the Thursday eager to get going.

We would come into school in the morning, go up to the woods and build our bivvies. We would then come home again, have something to eat and then return in the evening for our night in the open.

We set out for the woods hoping the, recentally terrible, weather would stay away. When we arrived we found our night bags and equipment all eagerly waiting for us after being driven up by helpful parents. We gathered all the equipment and were told where the boys and girls bivvy areas were. We then got into our groups and started building. We built up until lunchtime and by that time some of us had finished building. But all the hard work was not over yet, we then had to build the bivvies of the adults who didn’t come up with us on the Thursday. We had just enough time at the end of the day to have a quick game of hide and seek and then home for a wash and dinner.

We all came to school again on Thursday evening eager to get to the woods again. The trip up seemed to be the shortest ever. When we arrived we put out our sleeping bags and made the bivvies feel homely (If thats possible in a sheet of plastic). We then sat around a lovely camp fire and sang songs that truly suited the ocaision. The songs were led by the wonderful Mrs Smith. After singing our hearts out we had hot chocolate and biscuits. By that time it was (finally) dark and we headed off to bed.

In the morning , because of the amount of light, we rose bright and early. Unfortunately because of the late night we were not very bright or energetic. We then had a wonderful breakfast of camp fire cooked sausage sarnies and jam sandwiches. We then took down the bivvies, packed our things and took everything down to the entrance to be collected by the cars. After packing everything away we played a scavenger game and then a game (our last game) of hide and seek.  Then we trekked home and back to our families who were waiting at the school gates.

Overall it was a wonderful trip never to be forgotten.

By Jack Y6D

Year 3D on a Trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods!

On the 24 April Y3D went to Captain Phillimor’es Woods. On the way there and back it was sunny but very muddy and at the end our boots were muddy, as you can imagine! We made Memory sticks { not the ones you put in the computer!} that we wrapped with wool using colours that we saw which would reminded us of our special day in the woods. We saw some of the things that Darren had built out of the trees that had fallen down. Darren is the person who looks after the woods; he keeps the trees trimmed, cuts down the brambles to keep us safe and teaches adults how to make things out of wood. When we first went into the woods we saw a huge sea of bluebells,it was amazing! Here are some of the things we thought stood out:

the white flowers
the mud
the bluebells
the green plants
playing hide and seek
the changes
the leaves
the birds
the cows!
the scenery
the puddles
the wild garlic
the fun
the wildlife
the memory sticks
the insects

So many memories! It was a never forgetting day!
By ELeanor Martin and Sopie Brame