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Hearts melt at YR Nativity!

Robins and Wrens triumphed in their performance of The Nativity!

The technical assistant was unphased by CD player hitches! Shepherds looked after their sheep; Camels did not get the hump following the star; Wise Men gave gifts; Stars twinkled; Angels fluttered; Soldiers marched; the Donkey admirably carried Mary to Bethlehem led by a very sensible Joseph; Stable Animals kept watch; Innkeepers were tough but fair and Mary sang her lullaby to soothe her baby to sleep…. There was not a dry eye in the house!

“A terrific performance – 5*”  Swanmore Reception News

“Buy the DVD – a must have Christmas present!”  Swanmore Reception Echo

“Amazing singing”  says Mrs Hughes, proud teacher (aged 21)

“Brrrrilliant” says Mrs Hall, a YR production veteran (aged 20 and a half)

Prickly Hay!

This year there was a ‘Hoe Down’ theme to the KS1 Nativity Play! The whole school enjoyed watching the Barn Dancers as well as the twinkling stars and dazzling angels and all the traditional nativity characters. The children are very excited about performing to their parents and grandparents today and tomorrow.