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Magical Musicians!

We were very proud to present the Guildhall certificates to our orchestra players today.

All the children had worked very hard to achieve their success in the Guildhall Music exams which ranged from grade one to five.


Year 3 Amazing African Drumming Concert!

Year 3 have been working with Miss Baker from the Hampshire Music service to learn to play  West African Percussion instruments. We used words and phrases  like “Africa”  and “Hear the bell, play the djembe” to help us learn the rhythms. The finished piece was fantastic!

We have also been singing an African song called “Senwa Dedende” which sounded brilliant when all 60 children sang together during our concert yesterday. One of our favourite parts was when our fun partners and parents in the audience were asked to join in too!

We are looking forward to moving on to violins next term.

You can ukulele!

Year 4 gave a stunning ukulele performance this afternoon to parents, friends and their Fun Partners (Years R and 1).

Their recital included the songs:

Singing in the rain

Learning on a lamp post

You are my sunshine

O Susanna

Yellow Submarine

before finishing with a rousing medley of Abba songs.

The children would like to thank Mr Riddy, their music teacher this year, for his enthusiasm and support.

Year 4 in their ‘challenge zone’!

Violin Concert

Earlier this week, Year 4 performed their Listen 2 Me Music concert.  This term we learnt how to play the violin!  We played a variety of different songs such as Chariots of Fire and River Dance.  We had great fun!  Next term we’re very, very excited to be learning to play the ukulele and singing too!

By Isabelle


In our ‘challenge zone’!

Year 4 challenged themselves to make Easter baskets this morning.  They had to fill the brief: has to hold something, has to have a handle, has to be decorated.  Each Year 4 had to be in their ‘challenge zone’ for at least one part of their basket making, which meant many mistakes were made before the baskets were finished and fitted the brief!

Later in the morning, Year 4 enjoyed the sunshine as they completed their Charity Day challenge, a scavenger hunt, successfully finding the first two words but being very challenged by the third!

Using bows…

We have been very excited in our recent Listen2Me lessons!  Our violin playing has made great progress and we are now using bows to play the G, D, A and E strings (Greedy Dinosaurs Ate Everything)!

Our new piece has some complicated rhythms, so we came up with some words to help us remember them.  We are also continuing to practice holding our violins correctly and plucking accurately.

Amazing violins

Today Year 4 were very excited to start a new instrument in our “Listen to me” sessions. It was a fantastic moment when we heard 32 violins played together for the first time. We were able to pluck the “D” string to the Mr Bean Theme as well as composing our tunes. We look forward to using the bows next week…

Year 4 Vocal Concert

Friends, family and KS2 enjoyed our vocal concert on Monday.  We sung a variety of songs including ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’ and ‘Only you’.  We especially enjoyed singing the songs ‘This train’, ‘Oh when the Saints’, ‘Swing low’ and ‘I’m gonna sing’ in a round. Our conductor, Mr Riddy, even invited the audience to join in!  We’d like to thank Mr Riddy for leading us in such a wonderful concert and for his hard work this term.

You can Ukulele!

On the 25th of March 2013, Y4D and y4S woke everyone up with their amazing ukulele playing! Y4s went first and made their parents pround whilst playing “Singing in the Rain” and “You are my Sunshine.”

Y4D carried on with the amazing foot tapping concert. They sang and played a couple more noisy songs. Our favourite song was “Found a Peanut” as this made everyone smile.

The parents clapped loudly at the end of our concert and they are  looking forward to  next term as we are all going to be taught how to play a brass instrument!

Eleanor and Amy