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Olympic Mascots and Equality – 4S

We started our Olympic fortnight off by learning about the 2012 London mascots and what they represent.  We found out that their names are Wenlock and Mandeville.  We looked carefully at how the mascots promoted the Olympic value equality and watched the mascot’s film by Michael Morpurgo which explained how the Olympics aims to bring people togeather to celebrate sports.

The Mascot Website – click here for the link

After visiting the mascot’s website, we decided to design our own outfits for Wenlock and Mandeville.   We chose a mascot to base our design around then thought about what clothes they might wear for a specific sporting activity.

Next, we learnt about some of 2012’s Paralympians, for example, Richard Whitehead.  We discovered that the Paralympics provide the opportunity for people who are disabled to take part in the Olympics.  It was interesting to see the technology that many of the Paralympic athletes have to help them compete in sports that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to partake in.

Our favourite quote from the Paralympians that we learnt about was:

“You never know what you can do until you really try” Shelly Woods (Wheelchair racer)