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Year 3 Curriculum Update


We have enjoyed reading about Sir Francis Drake and considering his role as a pirate. This has led on to other research about exploration and life on board sailing ships in these times. The children have started to write their own adventure stories, with a focus on using paragraphs correctly to provide a good structure. Our revision of synonyms and the use of fronted adverbials have brought our descriptions to life, and the openers used aim to capture the interest of our readers.


Our work in maths has been based around  measures, starting with estimating and measuring  the  capacity of different containers,  and then moving on to explore and solve  different word problems. We have now returned to the topic of time, using AM and PM correctly, as well as  learning how the 24 hour clock is used on train and bus timetables. We are moving on to calculating intervals of time, with a focus on showing our working out.

We hope that you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine and hope that it continues for our pirate camp later this week! Arrr!



Yr 5 Curriculum Update


We completed our work on the Tempest and greatly enjoyed writing play scripts from Miranda and Prospero’s perspective.  We also wrote about our recent visit to Captain Phillimore’s woods.  We had an excellent trip and wrote about the activities that we took part in; symbol creation and  creating a scene from the Tempest.


Alongside working out our profit margins for our business and enterprise projects we have been completing a unit on fractions.  We were able to find fractions of amounts and adjust dependant upon the number of the numerator.

We have had an excellent year and the children have made outstanding progress.  We both would like to thank the parents for their never-ending support this year and we wish the children all the best in Yr 6.

Mr Flynn, Mrs Bradbury & the Yr 5 team.

Yr 5 Curriculum Update

We hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing half term and that the children are ready for the final push towards the Summer holidays!


This week we have been looking at the famous Shakespearean text ‘The Tempest’.  The children have been discussing and evaluating how Shakespeare used language, including figurative language, considering the impact it had on us, as readers.  We wrote a descriptive piece about the island, that was visited by Miranda and Prospero, using the literary devices we had identified earlier in the week.


We completed our work on Place Value and Subtraction in the earlier part of the week, ensuring that the children had a thorough grasp of the formal methods that we are using.   Later in the week we have been working on shape. We have been sorting and classifying shapes using their properties.  We used a Carroll diagram to sort them into different groups and were becoming competent using this classification tool.


Morris Dancing Fun

On Thursday 5th May we , the Swanmore Morris Dancing side, gathered at Wickham square to put on our rag-jackets, t-shirts and bells and celebrate May day in style (albeit a few days late).  We performed a number of dances including, Highland Mary, Vandals, Step and Fetch Her and the Whiffler.  The crowd cheered wildly as we spun, weaved and clashed our mighty sticks in unison. We were fortunate enough to watch the more experienced dancers such as Wickham Morris and the Red Stags.  The evening culminated with a massive dance including the audience.  It was awesome!

Written by Ruth, Alice and Eve


Yr 5 Curriculum Update

In English we have been continuing to read the outstanding book ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo.  We have considered, very carefully, the characters and how their emotions change throughout the course of the text.  The ending wasn’t quite what we expected but we don’t want to give too much away!  We have also been looking at suffixes and prefixes and how they change the meaning of root words.

In Maths we have been working on division and percentages.  We have used our multiplication skills (from our daily tests) to support our understanding of short division.  Some of us managed to attempt long division; it wasn’t as scary as we thought! This week we have been working out percentages.  We used our knowledge of place value to work out 10% of numbers and used this knowledge to work out different percentages.  We moved on to word problems and, although it was very tricky, we became more confident as the week moved on.

We are massively looking forward to our residential next week and our homework was to remember to pack our bags!

Year 4 – What we’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

In English we have been investigating the digestive system and writing information pages, which we showed off to our families in our open afternoon on Thursday.

In Maths, we have revised the grid method for multiplication of 1 digit by 3 digit numbers, and have been using these skills to carry out an investigation.

We have also carried out assessments in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, reading and maths.

This weekend the homework is to write an acrostic poem about Easter, which is almost upon us. Have a great weekend!

what do you wanna be ?

Maybe y’wanna be a horse rider

Jumping up high

Maybe competing or galloping through grass

Or maybe you’re the type of girl

Who puts on a mask

doesn’t like fame

or does

Maybe even meet Taylor Swift

or even Katy Perry

and that just makes you merry

Maybe a gymnast

flipping, landing, cartwheeling

Maybe even the voice of Heart

Capital or Wave


You make it happen

No one tell you what to do when

I believe in you!

By Sophie Yr5FL


Yr 5 Curriculum Update

Over the last two weeks we have been very busy in Yr 5.  In English we have been focusing on report writing.  We investigated some mysterious objects and wrote a report about our findings.  We were very careful at keeping the writing formal and not drifting into story writing.  In Maths we have been focusing on the divisibility of numbers and factors; following this we have been working on division methods and getting to grips with short division in particular!  We are very much looking forward to our school trip on Monday to Fishbourne Roman Palace!

Year 3 Enterprise!

P7102684Year 3 would like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who supported our Enterprise stall at the Infant sports day on Friday.

The stall marked the end of our Enterprise project, having worked through initial brainstorming, product design, market research using our own questionnaires with the Infants and the final production stage. Our chosen products, tasty homemade biscuits and juicy fruit kebabs proved to be a great success and were washed down with a refreshing glass of squash.

Our whole year group made a  brilliant sales team on the day, circulating  amongst the parents and children, sharing posters and persuading everyone to visit the stall.

We are very proud to be able to present our profit of £158.00 to the St George Foundation.

Great team work Year 3!


Year 3 History mystery!

Our budding Historians in Year 3 have been busy solving picture mysteries to find out the subject of their new project. An old, fancy wooden  staircase  was the first clue, followed by  a man in a black uniform.  Guesses included the theatre, something to do with the Navy or Portsmouth Dockyards. One or two children started smiling and looking fairly confident, especially after our final reveal, an old, four funnelled passenger liner…  it was the Titanic!

Puffin and Penguin classes are now busily fact finding  about this remarkable liner and her maiden voyage.  They have been writing persuasive letters, designing posters, and working on individual research to answer their many questions.

  • How long should it have taken to sail to New York?
  • How much did a ticket cost?
  • Where did the water for the swimming pool come from?
  • What did the cabins look like?
  • How different were the first, second and third classes?
  • Why were icebergs there?
  • What did the “new” Morse code “SOS” signal mean?

The results of their  hard work will be on display for Y3 parents in our Titanic Exhibition, on Tuesday 4th November at 3pm.

We can’t wait!