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Year 2 Curriculum Update

In Maths we have been revising lots of different topics we have learnt earlier on in the year. We were really good at naming and identifying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and symmetry. Lots of us can read the time to 15 minute and 5 minute intervals. We also worked on doubling and halving and estimating.


In English we have been looking at the structure and language of persuasive letters. We wrote our own trying to persuade Mr Grinling to leave his lighthouse and come and visit our homes. I think we did it. To help him find our houses we wrote clear instructions.

Year 1 Charity Day

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Year One have been skipping to raise money.  Each child had a go at running skipping, throwing the skipping rope up in the air and then walking the squiggle that it fell in.  We had jumping the rope – Matthew managed 50 jumps!  and we had normal skipping.

Year 2 Scottish Ceilidh


To end their Katie Morag topic, this afternoon Year 2 have been enjoying their very own Scottish Ceilidh!

They have been having a go at Scottish dancing, trying Scottish food and telling some jokes. They even wore  some Tartan!!!

Take a look at some of the pictures.

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This year KS1 are presenting the Russian story of ‘Babushka’ as their Christmas production.

Houseproud Babushka is so busy sweeping away cobwebs, spiders, flies and mice that she nearly misses the birth of baby Jesus. Luckily she eventually decides to go to the stable meeting lots of travellers on the way handing out gifts. The twist in the tale is what she finds in the stable!

Make sure you have ordered your tickets – we are practising hard and singing well- don’t miss it on December 6th and 7th!

What is the Sun?

This week year 2 have been looking at a poem called ‘What is the Sun?’ by Wes Magee.

We were then given 4 different activities to have a go at. Painting a sun picture using watercolours, finding out facts about the sun, making a sun picture using pin pricks and reading ‘What is the Sun?’ and putting some actions with it.

We really enjoyed our activities. Have a look at the pictures and see what you think.




Read, Write, Inc.

Here are some photographs from today’s ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ session.

Read, Write, Inc. is an exciting dynamic phonics programme enjoyed by all of our Key Stage 1 children. This term Year R have joined us and are having fun mixing with all the other Key Stage 1 children in their mixed age range groups.

Coming soon, our Fred Puppets …

Prickly Hay!

This year there was a ‘Hoe Down’ theme to the KS1 Nativity Play! The whole school enjoyed watching the Barn Dancers as well as the twinkling stars and dazzling angels and all the traditional nativity characters. The children are very excited about performing to their parents and grandparents today and tomorrow.