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Caribbean Day

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To start off our Caribbean day we created some lei out of tissue paper and string to wear with our Caribbean outfits.
After that we drew some tropical fruits with coloured chalks. They were great! Have a look at our slideshow to see the results!
Next we created our own unique Caribbean cocktails, which were a blend of juices. We also designed packaging for our drink and made a jingle.
Finally after lunch we did some dancing and singing followed by some competitions , hoola hooping and limbo before a delicious fruit feast.

By Louis and Hope, Y6H

Caribbean Day in Year 6

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On Wednesday 21st May Y6 came to school dressed in a holiday outfit or a pirate costume ready for a day packed with fun activities. A much enjoyed activity was creating a brand new tropical drink. We worked in groups of four, to produce the final product. To earn points, we could choose a team name, make a fruit drink and give it a  snappy name, design a carton for the tropical fruit drink and create a funky jingle. We had three quarters of an hour to complete the challenge and present it in an interesting way!  It was an amazing day that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

By Emily.P and Lucy:-)


On Thursday the 24th May Year 6 were stranded! They were all on holiday when their ship crashed into a desert island! They were all set for a holiday, armed with suncream and shorts! They set about the Caribbean island making a shelter for the night to come. Once they’d prepared everything, they started to have some fun!

They started off the day by creating a Caribbean style lei (a flowery accessory), they folded up some tissue paper and cut it into shape, then they unfolded it and threaded it onto a string; to give the tissue paper flower a more carribean look  they scrunched it up a bit. Once they’d threaded a flower on, they would also thread on some straw to separate that flower from the next one.

Then, when they’d finished, they moved on to drawing fruit. Each piece of fruit had been cut in two, so that the year 6’s could draw the inside of the fruit, because each one had such a lovely pattern. Everyone drew different fruits, some drew kiwis, others drew dragon fruits, but once finished, they had a whole collection of fruity art!

After a short break the year 6’s decided to get into groups and design a fruity drink, it was a bit like The Apprentice. They had to choose a project manager and a group name, then they were given their task. Some of the group had to design the package, and the other half had to create the drink. Afterwards they went outside onto the field and sang Caribbean songs!

During Lunchtime Lord Hughes and his assistant Mrs Dirks marked the drinks. Then after the Year 6’s had sang their songs they announced the results. . . In 1st  place, with 30 points, was; Lovable Tropical! There was a huge celebration and everyone cheered for their team!

Soon afterwards their was a hoola hooping competition, followed by a game of limbo! The winner of limbo was Jo-Kai, and Laura championed the hoola hoops!

Then everyone settled down to a feast of exotic fruits, there was coconut, Pineapple, Mango, Dragon fruit, Orange, Melon, Kiwi and Pomegranate! Yum, Yum!

Once everyone was full,  they sat around the campfire, while a few of them went to bed in the shelter they’d helped make earlier. Gradually more and more people went to bed and had a good nights sleep, everyone dreamt of being rescued and going home, and sleeping in their own warm, cosy beds!

By Emily, Y6D