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Year 6 Art Gallery trip wire workshop

Year 6 headed off to the wire workshop, we were told to wear protective goggles and we all got really excited. To begin with we were told that we would be making a Medusa head out of wire. Y6H set off to work and made the template of the head, then we were told to do the DECORATIONS and when I say decorations I mean decorations! Now we’re talking. We used pipe cleaners as the hair and for the outside of the face, the nose and the mouth. We all enjoyed it and they hang menacingly in the classroom. Keeping a close eye on us!

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Year 1 go to Manor Farm

The sun shone today and Year 1 found out what it was like to live life as a Victorian child.

We visited the farmhouse and helped to wash the laundry and put it through the wringer.

We also attended the Victorian school and used slates and chalk to write our words.

Finally we helped the farmer milk the cows and feed the animals.

We had a lovely day and thank you to our adult helpers!


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Year 3 History mystery!

Our budding Historians in Year 3 have been busy solving picture mysteries to find out the subject of their new project. An old, fancy wooden  staircase  was the first clue, followed by  a man in a black uniform.  Guesses included the theatre, something to do with the Navy or Portsmouth Dockyards. One or two children started smiling and looking fairly confident, especially after our final reveal, an old, four funnelled passenger liner…  it was the Titanic!

Puffin and Penguin classes are now busily fact finding  about this remarkable liner and her maiden voyage.  They have been writing persuasive letters, designing posters, and working on individual research to answer their many questions.

  • How long should it have taken to sail to New York?
  • How much did a ticket cost?
  • Where did the water for the swimming pool come from?
  • What did the cabins look like?
  • How different were the first, second and third classes?
  • Why were icebergs there?
  • What did the “new” Morse code “SOS” signal mean?

The results of their  hard work will be on display for Y3 parents in our Titanic Exhibition, on Tuesday 4th November at 3pm.

We can’t wait!


Invaders Day

Today is Invaders Day in Y5. We are learning more about Invaders by completing a range of activities. One of the activities is Top Trumps Viking Gods. Emily says,” Odin has two crows. By day they search the world and at night they come back to Odin and tell him what they’ve seen.”