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Coastal Town Construction

Welcome to Paradise Springs and St.Ports.  These are the two coastal towns created by Y5 this week.

We started by listing features that any town must have then added specific features for a coastal town.  Some of us even included non-essential luxury features.

Next we considered scale and proportion when constructing the buildings.  Using nets of shapes we very quickly had a collection of buildings to position.

We then wrote a paragraph persuading people to visit or use particular facilities.  Finally we placed it all on the map and added the final details like roads, trees, footpaths and a railway line.

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What a busy afternoon!

We have had another exciting afternoon with the Geography students from Winchester University.  We began by sharing our weekend challenges with each other, our visitors appeared to be very impressed with our work from home! Yet again, we were very excited by the activities, including exploring Fair Trade foods making an open pyramid rainforest and even making a tsunami model and erupting volcano!  We have really enjoyed learning with our visitors this afternoon and can’t wait to see what activities we’ll be completing next week!

Around the world in a morning!

Geography day 1

Outside the rain was pouring, yet we didn’t notice as we were too engrossed in our learning! Year 4 were thinking about places around the world that we had visited, as well as places we would like to visit in the future. Our Geography visitors from Winchester brought maps and atlases to help us identify where we could find different countries and helped us to record our thoughts in interesting and creative ways!

After break, we focussed on exploring America. Among other activities, we recorded what we already knew about America, what we’d like to know and, at the end of the lesson, what we had learnt. Some of us even played ‘United States Bingo’ and made our own passports!

A huge thanks to our visitors from Winchester for a superb morning of Geography and making our learning experience so enjoyable. We are looking forward to continuing our Geography unit with our visitors after Half Term!


On 15th November 2011 Miss Witt came in to Y4 with some students from Winchester University to teach us some Geography. They showed us a big circle with 3 smaller ones on top, each getting smaller. Every circle represented a different place. One of them represented places you can walk to, another was places you can go to and come back on the same day, one was places in the UK where some of your relatives live and the final one was countries you can go on holiday to. We sorted the places in to local, regional and national. Once we had finished we looked at a book called Zoom which started in close and went further away from local to national.

Our day at Hillier Gardens

At Hilliers we had an amazing time. We started off doing a leaf match. This to do with leaf identification. We matched a photo copied piece of paper with pictures of leaves on it to match it up with real leaves.  We found out where on the globe we could find them.

Next we were going to find out how tricky it was being a tree. It  was called tree dynamics. Where two of our adults stood in the middle being the trunk. But they weren’t the only ones that had a job, there were roots, xylem, phloem,leaves and bark and we all made funny noises depending on what we were and had to fight off tree eating bugs A.K.A Carla !

Then we had to collect twenty leaves for the decay game. In this game we had to be a tree and go throug the winter with slugs, woodlice, worms, springtails and snails munching away at our leaves but we also had to suffer from warm and wet weather and we had to drop leaves for the different types of animal that  ate our leaves.

After lunch we headed down a bit further into the gardens and played which seed are you. You could be a coconut, dandilion, helicopter plant or oak seed. These seeds all travel in different ways such as floating, pooed out by a bird, going on an animal and  floating on the water.

The last thing we did was the curtains. We collected leaves and sticks to put them on a piece of string and we hung them up . There were lots of different ones.

We enjoyed Hilliers a lot!

By Robert and Hardy