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The Rocky Monster Show rehearsals are underway!

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Just like the title says, rehearsals are underway for the Year 6 production of The Rocky Monster Show (and not The Rocky Horror Show) by Malcolm Sircom! Everyone’s roles have been assigned to, scientists, monsters etc, scripts handed out and practices every Monday, Tuesday (for singing) and Thursday. We also have a trusty friend to help with delivering our lines: Charlie! Mr Hughes has devised something called ‘Talk to Charlie’ and it helps us with delivering our lines. And for the acting… all you need to know is that we almost die of laughter from Mr Hughes’ performances! Anyway, despite the rehearsals we still have to do schoolwork, but I won’t tell you about that. Moving to song rehearsals (which are taken by Mrs Hughes), we know how the songs go and really enjoy a song called ‘The Flash Crash’, an intake on The Rocky Horror Show’s ‘The Time Warp’. Once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head! We have also made some true rock n roll dance moves to go with certain songs. Also, Mrs Saunders has been helping us with producing our lines with expression (mainly with the narrators as they help tell the story). Everyone is working hard to produce the best production we can do and it will all be written down here in this blog. So, if you want to read up on how the production is going, feel free to read up here! Hope you enjoy!

What a Performance!

Lights, camera, action!  Last night year 4 performed a spectacular performance of the play Splash in fact we all agree it was splashtastic!

The school hall was full of excited family and friends. The lights dimmed and year 4 entered with their colourful costumes and painted faces. The show was a great success and our singing had all the audience jigging in their seats, even our terrible jokes made people laugh!

This was the performance of our lives – we had great fun.

Libby Ethan and Lydia


Rehearsals are well under way for the year 4 production of Splash! It tells the story of Noah’s Ark but with a difference! Have a look at some of our rehearsal photographs.


This year KS1 are presenting the Russian story of ‘Babushka’ as their Christmas production.

Houseproud Babushka is so busy sweeping away cobwebs, spiders, flies and mice that she nearly misses the birth of baby Jesus. Luckily she eventually decides to go to the stable meeting lots of travellers on the way handing out gifts. The twist in the tale is what she finds in the stable!

Make sure you have ordered your tickets – we are practising hard and singing well- don’t miss it on December 6th and 7th!

Y6 production Hoodwinked

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Year 6 will be performing for your entertainment, the production Hoodwinked on the 10th of July to the school and the parents. Both classes have been working hard learning their lines, singing and generally practising for the big play about Robin of Locksley’s battle against the evil wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.

Everyone in the production is appreciated and has a great part to play in the shows success whether they are playing Maid Marian or a taxi driver. Even though not everyone could have a big speaking part but would still enjoy either booing off the mighty Sheriff or joining in with our wonderful songs!

As you all know, year six productions are always full of fun, laughter and action, (dun dun dun!) some of our favourite lines are: “Hold on you twit” when the deputy mistakes the password. “works out? oh! in the forest you mean! Must be all that fresh air then!” when Helen doesn’t understand Jane’s comment. Finally, ” He looked alright outdoors but he doesn’t look good in a dungeon, you’d look wonderful in a dungeon!”

“To kind my dear to kind!”

Some of our favourite songs are: Robin of Locksley, What a man, Maid marions ladys, and out in the forest.

We can not wait to perform it to all the staff , children, friends and family, and Mr Johnathan from the secondary school. Remember to boo, hiss and cheer!

Coming soon – The Giant Slayer!


In Year 4 we have been practising really hard for our production, The Giant Slayer next week. On Monday we tried our costumes on for the first time. Everyone looked good in their costumes and it really improved our performance. We are really looking forward to performing to the school on Monday and to our parents and grandparents on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Oh no they didn’t!

Oh yes they did, on Thursday 5th January! Good vs evil fairies. Malificent vs Merry Weather. That all happened 9 months before the birth of baby Aurora. Let’s cut  to the chase. Queen Malificent  lost and  turned  completely goaty and evil therefore cursed the castle for all eternity! 9 months past; 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…8…8…8…7…6..4……..9! when baby Aurora was born, Malificent cast another spell though this time it was on Aurora. The spell was before she turned 16 she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and would die a slow and painful death! When merry weather found out she changed the spell so instead of her dying she would fall asleep until the wet sloppy kiss of true love from a prince aka ( Eric, who isn’t really a prince. ) Thanks to Face-ache who rescued Eric who had been locked in the dungeon by you know who who has a name beginning M………..!Finally he reached the bed were Aurora was sleeping and gave her a wet sloppy kiss though it did not work. But in the nick of time the king arrived and turned Eric into a prince, the sloppy kiss continued………………….and continued……………..and continued……….! Suddenly the bleak eyes of Aurora opened to find the newest prince of nowhere stood there staring at her looking at her beautiful blue eyes! The king and queen were delighted that there sleeping beauty had awoke. By the way, sleeping beauty get married to Eric, blah blah blah blah…they live happily ever after. THE END!!!!!!!

By Elaine H and Daisy E


Bah humbug! A Christmas Carol

“Bah humbug. It’s Christmas, I hate it!!!” says Ebenezer Scrooge.

On Tuesday 6th December, year six walked the long route all the way to Swanmore Secondary School! Well, maybe not that far; it might of  only been 5 minutes down the road. We watched A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens  and it’s quite simple to say that we loved it. The excitement of Christmas Day washed over us unlike Ebenezer who definitely didn’t have the Christmas spirit. It was full of happiness, ups and downs and three spirits – past, present and future.We all thought that the actors were amazing, especially scrooge ( A.K.A Ben). If any of the you who were in this performence, are reading this, we would all like to say a HUGE thank you!!!

Phoebe and I thought it was great and we hope all the other year 6s enjoyed it too!


Drama Workshop with year 11’s

Y11 did a drama exercise with us and it was extremely fun!  Everyone had a chance to make a static, sort of still and moving shapes out of our bodies.

Thank you!!

By Phoebe and Daisy.

Prickly Hay!

This year there was a ‘Hoe Down’ theme to the KS1 Nativity Play! The whole school enjoyed watching the Barn Dancers as well as the twinkling stars and dazzling angels and all the traditional nativity characters. The children are very excited about performing to their parents and grandparents today and tomorrow.

Getting Ready for Prickly Hay

Only 5 days to go until Prickly Hay! Year 1 and 2 are busy rehearsing for their Christmas Production of Prickly Hay. Year 2 have worked really hard to learn their lines, practice their music and their acting. Meanwhile Year 1 are busy learning their songs and dances. It will all come together for the dress rehearsal next Tuesday before the performances to parents on Thursday and Friday next week.