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Morris Dancing Fun

On Thursday 5th May we , the Swanmore Morris Dancing side, gathered at Wickham square to put on our rag-jackets, t-shirts and bells and celebrate May day in style (albeit a few days late).  We performed a number of dances including, Highland Mary, Vandals, Step and Fetch Her and the Whiffler.  The crowd cheered wildly as we spun, weaved and clashed our mighty sticks in unison. We were fortunate enough to watch the more experienced dancers such as Wickham Morris and the Red Stags.  The evening culminated with a massive dance including the audience.  It was awesome!

Written by Ruth, Alice and Eve


Dance like Diversity!

Today Mr Cook’s class were making up dance routines, they had lots of fun trying to dance like robots and being very mechanical. They were dancing to a piece of music called ‘machines’ in small groups with their friends. They all worked together really well and all listened to each others ideas, showing good communication skills and teamwork.

Year 2 Scottish Ceilidh


To end their Katie Morag topic, this afternoon Year 2 have been enjoying their very own Scottish Ceilidh!

They have been having a go at Scottish dancing, trying Scottish food and telling some jokes. They even wore  some Tartan!!!

Take a look at some of the pictures.

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Y6 Dance Assembly

On the 27th of January Y6 had their annual dance assembly. This year the music danced to was themed on space. There was a variety of music from the Star Wars theme tue to Beethovens Moonlight Sonata.

We were put into groups and we had 4 sessions to perfect our moves. It seemed an impossible challenge but in the end all the dances looked very professional and well planned. Every group had a trick up their sleeves (No aliens unfortunately). In this great assembly there was only one upset. (Mr Hughes and Mrs Dirks didn`t dance.)

It was to be the year 6`s last hall assembly, and boy was it a good one. (Ok, I agree it was a wonderful assembly but I still want to see Mr Hughes dance…Please…Please!)

By Jack Y6D



Merlins Street Dance session

Last week a teacher came in to teach us 4 different types of street dance. We learnt tutting, waving, locking and breakdance. 

We learnt to do 4 different types of street dancing! Later on Miss Tuck joined in. Everyone liked at least one type of dance. We learnt to do the worm and passed a wave around the circle.

When it ended we all wanted to do it again. We also had a laugh and a giggle! Some things were hard, but it was still really fun.

Katie and Honey  3T

Street Dance

Y6 Street Dance

Thanks to the collection of all the ‘Sainsburys Vouchers’ ,Year 6 children

had the great opportunity to experience ‘Street Dance’.

They thoroughly enjoyed following the energetic leader and learned some

funky new moves, especially Mr Hughes who could now become the 5th

member of JLS , if only he knew who they were !!!!