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Morris Dancing Fun

On Thursday 5th May we , the Swanmore Morris Dancing side, gathered at Wickham square to put on our rag-jackets, t-shirts and bells and celebrate May day in style (albeit a few days late).  We performed a number of dances including, Highland Mary, Vandals, Step and Fetch Her and the Whiffler.  The crowd cheered wildly as we spun, weaved and clashed our mighty sticks in unison. We were fortunate enough to watch the more experienced dancers such as Wickham Morris and the Red Stags.  The evening culminated with a massive dance including the audience.  It was awesome!

Written by Ruth, Alice and Eve


School Team football match!

Cup match 22.9 (2)

On Tuesday 22nd September 2015  the Y5 and Y6 Football team  played a match against Langrish Primary School in the first round of  The Hampshire Cup. It was an exiting match and Swanmore got off to a brilliant start with Finn scoring a great goal to put Swanmore in the lead. Langrish caught up with two good goals to put them in the lead at half time.

In the second half Finn scored another great goal making it equal. Next Will scored a amazing goal from outside the box going in the bottom right hand corner. Swanmore made a little mistake in defence which led to them equalising. Then five minutes later Swanmore scored a late winner which won the game 4-3.

by Captain Finn and blogger Luke!

Year 3 interviews!!

This week the interviews took us to year 3. This week we had a mixed range of thoughts and favourite lessons. Here is what some of them said:
Lottie – I like maths because we are doing division and I’ve never done it before.
Olivia M – At the moment, I enjoy English because were doing enterprise and its really fun making and designing items
George – I.C.T because it’s fun going on computers.
Cambell – I enjoy English because I’m good at writing and I find it fun to do.
Isabelle O – I.C.T because I really enjoy going on computers and learning new skills.
By Eleanor and Amy

Year 4 Interviews!

This week the year 4s are the lucky ones who will have their turn on the blog. A range of things were said about the wonderful lessons but Enterprise seemed to be popular for some!!
Jamie – I enjoy art because I enjoy Painting and sketching.
Hattie – I enjoy I.C.T because we learn new skills on the computers. Also Enterprise because I enjoy designing and making the posters.
Will – Art because I enjoy mixing colours and seeing what they make.
Nina – One of my faivroute lessons is P.E because we get out loads of apparatus!!
Summer and Maddie – We enjoy Enterprise because its arty and crafty and its fun preparing for it!!
By Eleanor and Amy

Code Club

Code Club meets every Wednesday to learn about coding animations and games using a programming language called Scratch.

Today we made a program called Whack a Witch which is a bit like Whack a mole but with witches! After we had coded the basic program we all made our own changes to personalise it! William added background music to his and changed some of his witches to have cats on their broomsticks. Roo decided his witches would be on a tropical beach instead of a dark and gloomy sky. Alana changed the points scored for whacking her witches depending on how fast they were moving and William R is well on the way to making his a 2-level game with different backgrounds for each level.

Take a look at some of our games!

We had a great time and can’t wait to make our fireworks game next week!

Morris Dancing

On Tuesday 1st of May Swanmore Primary School was visited by some professional Morris Dancers.

Year 5 was split up into two groups and each group did a dance with some of the professional dancers. Each group was wonderful at its chosen dance.

The first group’s dance was called Goldfish and the second groups dance was called… (er, this is the embarrassing bit where I can’t remember names!) Anyway, despite of that little mishap both of the dances were wonderful! (Truly wonderful!)

After Year 5 had performed they handed over to pupils who had choosen to learn Morris Dancing as a club. All of the dancing in this performance was exquisite! (Wow! I thought year 5 were good.

The Morris Dancers were on a tight sceduale though, because tonight they are performing in Wickham Square.

By Jack Y6D