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Cracking Christmas Dinner

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Our hall has had a magnificent makeover: Christmas has taken over with a variety of festive fun! It was prepared one December evening when all our dazzling hoops were hung along with the stunning Christmas tree. The festivity began on Wednesday 17th when our marvellous kitchen staff prepared a delectable Christmas dinner. Imagine over 150 happy faces enjoying roast turkey and all the trimings. Crackers, music, hats and the festive spirit was among all the tables as the teachers (wearing all their Christmassy clothing) served the hungry children. Crack! Pop! Bang! All these were the sounds of the Christmas crackers around the hall. What fun! We would like to thank all the kitchen staff including the cooks and dinner ladies.

Merry Christmas Everyone from Holly and James in Y6S


Look what the Christmas Elves have done!

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The Christmas Elves and Fairies have made an appearance as it’s that time of year again! The School hall has been decorated from top to bottom with Christmas decorations that the children have spent time making in class. The tree is looking even more festive than last year as it is covered in angels and and stars. Can you spot your class hoop in the pictures?

Christingle Year 1 2013

Rev. Clare and Sam visited Year 1 to explain the meaning of Christingle.  Both Peacocks and Flamingos had great fun creating their own Christingles.  The afternoon ended with a prayer and a very gorgeous rendition of Away in A Manger.

Christmas Hoops!

Every year we decorate our school hall with Christmas hoops. Each class decorate their own hoop and they are all hung in the hall to give a really christmassy look!

This year the theme was Christmas Trees.

In Y5C we did a Christmas tree made out of stars which we decorated ourselves. We used all sorts of things to decorate our star such as glitter and sequins. Then we created a Christmas tree out of the stars and put it inside our hoop. Ours is hung above the kitchen in the hall.

Take a look at the gallery to see all our hoops (ours is the first one!)


This year KS1 are presenting the Russian story of ‘Babushka’ as their Christmas production.

Houseproud Babushka is so busy sweeping away cobwebs, spiders, flies and mice that she nearly misses the birth of baby Jesus. Luckily she eventually decides to go to the stable meeting lots of travellers on the way handing out gifts. The twist in the tale is what she finds in the stable!

Make sure you have ordered your tickets – we are practising hard and singing well- don’t miss it on December 6th and 7th!

Smashing Shoeboxes!

As a school we have made over 100 shoeboxes for people less fortunate than ourselves so more people can have a merry Christmas.

You will probably get gifts this Christmas but some people will not so as a school we have made lots of shoeboxes which will be sent to different countries and given to children of all ages to make their Christmas special.  These boxes have been filled with toys, pads, pens and other small gifts to brighten up their Christmas. The boxes were then wrapped, taken into school and put in the hall so we could see how many children we were helping (our hall became very colourful as you can see!)  The Shoebox scheme is run by Rotary International who come to collect our boxes and send them to children in Albania, Montenegro, Tanzania, Moldova and The Philippines. We’re all hoping that every one everywhere can have a very merry Christmas!

Carols round the tree

It was Friday the 16th December and to liven up the christmas spirit we all enjoyed a Swanmore tradition of  Carols Round the Tree. The choir,orchestra,staff, children and parents gathered in the hall for the joyful pleasure of singing.  Buzzing with excitement everyone sat down with their fun partners ready and raring to start singing.  Mr Paterson called everyone together, the first carol was ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ and it really got the Christmas spirit buzzing.  After a few more carols, Year R did a brilliant performance of one of their Nativity songs and two carols later year 1 and 2 did the same. When it came to the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ everyone was buzzing as they loved standing up and sitting down again. After the last song was sung, Mr Paterson did the raffle draw and the lucky winners collected their prizes. The parents stayed to enjoy Coffee and mince pies whilst the children had a welcome break in the playground.

Carols Round the Tree really got the festive spirit going , everyone gave it there all and enjoyed  it!

By Matthew and Elana.




Year 6 Christmas Interviews (Who are you?)

Who knew that Phoebe held a world record for wrapping presents? Who knew Patrick had a secret drawer full of tights? Well, 6H found that out yesterday, but Mr. Hughes only found out today in a tension-building Christmas interview. Some of us had children, sleigh driving licences and faith, trust and pixie dust!!! During this interview, we could be a elf, fairy, Santa, Mother Christmas or work on the night shift!

To put us to the test, we had to knock on the door, politely introduce ourselves and then take a seat (Not literally!) Then Mr. Hughes started the interview (dun, dun dun!) he asked us questions on what we thought about ourselves (Note: Tom said he was charming) and the qualities we have. (Mr. Hughes would have called himself charming, good-looking and handsome!) After this breath-taking interview, with everyone wanting to know, he decided that he wouldn’t choose a winner for each category! (Wah, wah, wah!!)

So, Daisy and Emma made the royal wedding cake and Tom was Santa in the streets of Portsmouth! We all had lots of fun doing this festive English lesson and would like to say one thing…


Christmas lunch

On Wednesday 14th November the Juniors had their Christmas lunch, this is an annual event that nobody wants to miss. It is always very popular with staff and students alike!

Here is a copy of the menu:

Turkey with roast potatoes, peas, carrots and a sausage

Quorn burger with Roast potatoes, peas and carrots (Vegetarian) (Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat)

For pudding there was either:

Ice cream and a biscuit or

Satsuma (Satsuma is a posh word for Orange) and a biscuit

I had the turkey option and it was delicious. For pudding I had the Ice cream and that was also delicious. Of course as I only had one meal I can’t tell you what the other option was like but it looked really nice. To me it probably wouldn’t have been very nice. That is only because I’m not a vegetarian! To a vegetarian it probably would have been as nice to them as the turkey was to me (Phew that was a long sentence!)  For pudding the ice cream was really nice but the satsuma also looked really nice  (I’m not going into that again!)

For each meal there was a  cracker absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!!!! The hall was decorated perfectly. Santa (Mr Paterson) and all his little elves (The teachers and dinner staff) had been working hard to make this a most fabulous event. The Christmas tree was perfectly decorated for the occasion and each  class had made a Christmas hoop with a 12 Days of Christmas theme.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me (You get the idea!)

Over all it was a truly unforgettable event.

By Jack ,Y6


Year 2 Christmas Haiku Poems.


Y2S Christmas Haiku                       Y2B Christmas Haiku


This week year 2 have been learning about Haikus and what makes them special.

They learnt that a Haiku is a 3 lined poem from Japan that does not rhyme and each line only has a certain number of syllables in it.

Can you guess how many?

They looked at some written by another school and then had ago at writing their own Christmas Haikus.

Have a listen and see what you think.