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Caribbean Day

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To start off our Caribbean day we created some lei out of tissue paper and string to wear with our Caribbean outfits.
After that we drew some tropical fruits with coloured chalks. They were great! Have a look at our slideshow to see the results!
Next we created our own unique Caribbean cocktails, which were a blend of juices. We also designed packaging for our drink and made a jingle.
Finally after lunch we did some dancing and singing followed by some competitions , hoola hooping and limbo before a delicious fruit feast.

By Louis and Hope, Y6H

Caribbean Day in Year 6

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On Wednesday 21st May Y6 came to school dressed in a holiday outfit or a pirate costume ready for a day packed with fun activities. A much enjoyed activity was creating a brand new tropical drink. We worked in groups of four, to produce the final product. To earn points, we could choose a team name, make a fruit drink and give it a  snappy name, design a carton for the tropical fruit drink and create a funky jingle. We had three quarters of an hour to complete the challenge and present it in an interesting way!  It was an amazing day that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

By Emily.P and Lucy:-)