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Thank you for your help!

A huge thank you to everyone who filled and brought in shoe boxes full of lovely gifts for the appeal. We had almost 150 by the end of the week and they have now been sent off to the depot to be out on the lorries for delivery! We were really pleased by how many we collected and so were the Rotary club members who are organising it all. Just think about how happy and surprised lots of children are going to feel on CHRISTMAS DAY this year all because of you!


I think we could beat that next year  – what do you think and how high should we set the target?????

Year 4 “Funny Bones” Assembly

On Friday the 28th of September 2012 it was Y4D’ s bone breaking assembly!!! We were ready for action on the stage with sherlock bones our life size skeleton . The speeches came rushing out of peoples mouths loud and clear while the audience faces were wide open as if they were going to faint but… year 4D saved the day with their grooooovy skeleton moves! As the music faded away we  froze in our breath taking potion. After a couple more speeches it was time for the amazing x-ray factor!  We had the contestants and the judges ready for the show.  Laughter rippled through the audience throughout the performance it was a “bonetastic assembly”

by Holly Giles and Katie Chalmers

Peacocks’ Class Assembly


On Friday 2nd March we did our class assembly to the whole school and our mums and dads. It was all about Handa’s Surprise, we acted out the story, some of us were the animals with masks on who took fruit from Handa’s basket! We also talked about our favourite fruit and added our own describing words for them too. We showed our lovely pastel pictures of different fruits that we had drawn.

With the Olympics coming soon we thought of other ways to be healthy which was of course exercise! We acted out the different sports which everyone loved guessing!

Sophie read out her own story with new animals and fruit, it was really good! We loved doing ‘The Healthy Rap’ at the end it was really cool! We hope everyone enjoyed it, we did!




Y6 Dance Assembly

On the 27th of January Y6 had their annual dance assembly. This year the music danced to was themed on space. There was a variety of music from the Star Wars theme tue to Beethovens Moonlight Sonata.

We were put into groups and we had 4 sessions to perfect our moves. It seemed an impossible challenge but in the end all the dances looked very professional and well planned. Every group had a trick up their sleeves (No aliens unfortunately). In this great assembly there was only one upset. (Mr Hughes and Mrs Dirks didn`t dance.)

It was to be the year 6`s last hall assembly, and boy was it a good one. (Ok, I agree it was a wonderful assembly but I still want to see Mr Hughes dance…Please…Please!)

By Jack Y6D