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What is the Sun?

This week year 2 have been looking at a poem called ‘What is the Sun?’ by Wes Magee.

We were then given 4 different activities to have a go at. Painting a sun picture using watercolours, finding out facts about the sun, making a sun picture using pin pricks and reading ‘What is the Sun?’ and putting some actions with it.

We really enjoyed our activities. Have a look at the pictures and see what you think.




A Celebration of our Community Art Project

A Celebration of Our Community Art Project on PhotoPeach

Yesterday the staff, pupils and parents got together to celebrate the opening of our newly refurbished hall and to admire the new art work created as part of our Community Art Project.

Some of the local people helped and inspired us came along together with the artist Vanessa Dell who helped us create our art work and then turned it into the wonderful panels.

Y6 Greek Projects

Greek Projects on PhotoPeach

Y6 had a month to create something Greek! They had to use their imagination to design and make what they call a Greek project.

They made all sorts of things, there were Greek pots, Greek clothing and even a Greek Parthenon! Everyone learnt something from one another’s project. The whole process was a laugh, the reviews, the views and showing their fun partners.

I particularly liked the project on Midas, but which one’s  your favourite?

By  Emily, Year 6

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Every year each class makes a hoop to decorate the hall for Christmas. This year the theme is The Twelve Days of Christmas. Year 4D were chosen  to do Two Turtle Doves. First we had to choose our design. We looked at lots of designs on the internet before making our final choice. We covered our hoop with green paper and made paper leaves so that it looked like a wreath. We decided to make our doves all in white because white is the symbol for peace.


Today we had Fun Partners with Y1KH and drew firework pictures with chalks.  They were all really colourful.  Everybody did really well as they all looked amazing when we placed them altogether.

We are all looking forward to FOSPS Fireworks tonight!  Please come along everyone!

A very creative week!

We’ve been very arty in school this week. Our special visitor was the artist Vanessa Dell who came for two days to work with us on our big art project.  We’ve  been busy meeting members of the local community who have helped to us to find out all about Swanmore including people who help us, musicians and singers, sports , buildings, the countryside, the church and where people come from. 

Now Vanessa is helping us turn our research into art using different techniques including mark making, collage, silhouettes and printing. She is coming back next week for another two days to work with different year groups.  Eventually we will have a fantastic set of panels, made by Vanessa from our original work, to go in the school hall. It’s very exciting seeing what everyone is doing. Watch this space for photos!!!

A very big thank you to all the people who have helped us. We couldn’t have done it without you!