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Y4D`s trip to Marwell zoo!


Y4D went to Marwell Zoo on 2nd May 2012 and we did a variety of activities, including learning about the rainforest and where different animals live in the rainforest. We all chose an animal to study and look for in the park. Luckily we had good weather and it didn’t rain! Our topic this term is habitats so we went to Marwell to see where our animal’s habitats were. Everyone had a brilliant day. Wish you were there?

Visit to Marwell

On Wednesday 8th June we visited Marwell Zoo to help with our learning about animals and their habitats.

First we went to the  red pandas.  It took a few seconds to to see the panda but I found it and told the others.  We found out that Red Pandas don’t like jumping, they only like climbing.  They have hairy soles on their feet so they can climb trees.  They eat plants, small animals and bugs.

Then we went to the penguins.  There were 3 penguins in the pool then more and more came in but some stayed on land.  If you tap lightly on the glass they will stay there so you can get a picture of the penguin!  Penguins eat fish and crill.  They have webbed feet so then they can swim fast and to catch fish.

When we got to the Giant Anteater it was asleep.  I guessed that 30 or 40 could fill a bus. We didn’t know if it was asleep or not so we all made a lot of noise to see if it moved.  But it didn’t move  then I took a video of it asleep.

Everybody had a great time and everybody has loads of pictures.

By Harry, Alex and Jacob

Our Visit to Marwell

 Yesterday y4 went to Marwell Zoo.  Everyone was very excited to see the animals.The leaders were Mr Cook, Mrs Evans, Mrs Rose,Mrs Byrne and Mr Capell.  Then we got onto the coach.  On the way all you could hear was the excitement of everyone.  After a while we arrived at Marwell.  After a couple of minutes we arrived ready to see the animals.  We all went to see a man called Geoff and he talked to us about the habitats and special features of certain animals.  Geoff introduced us to two living animals –  kylie the stick insect and Patty the rat.  We all had a feel of what it was like to hold a real animal like a stick insect and a rat.

We had all learned something about an animal which was  in the science and learning centre.  The groups started to split up and find a route around the the zoo.  There was a huge rain cloud coming our way which meant we knew it was going to be a rainy day!  But we all had fun in the rain! It was the end of the day and we where all sad to leave because it didn’t feel like a school trip – it was fun.  We would like to thank all the adults who gave up their day to make our day enjoyable.

Photos coming soon.

by Lauren, Victoria, Oscar and Elisha.

Getting Ready for Marwell

Year 4 are looking  forward to a great day at Marwell zoo.  We have all studied an animal that lives in Marwell.  For an example ,Victoria has studied a Penguin, Oscar studied a Cheetah, Lauren had studied a Giraffe and Elisha has studied a Meerkat. 

We really hope it will be a fun day.  We are all looking forward to seeing all the animals!

By Lauren, Oscar, Victoria and Elisha

Look out for our second part – after we’ve been to Marwell.

Moving Cats

The challenge of making a moving cat was quite something! Children soon realised that this was really a DT lesson involving card and split pins not a real cat. It proved quite tricky to decide which pivots should be fixed and which should be loose.
We all did it, and then decorated them!
Check out the photographs.