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Woods shelters!

On September 30th, Year Six walked to Captain Phillimore’s woods. After making mazes, we then proceeded to choose a Greek monster and make a shelter for it. Lots of people did monsters such as;

Cyclops, Ceberus, Sirens and Medusa.

My group did Ares’s Arrow Shooting Birds. We made targets for the birds to shoot at, and they also had a perch, a bowl of seeds, a balcony, and lots, lots more! Other people’s shelters included roofs, and more details such as Animals, food, the creature itself, and it all looked absolutely fantastic! We had one game of hide and seek, then we went home, utterly exhausted, but having had a brilliant day in the woods!

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Greek Day Cooking

Today wasn’t like a normal day everyone turned up in white sheets and Greek costumes.After a long trip to Hades (the kitchen) we were making moon biscuits or Kouradies in Greek. All of us took turns stirring the mixture before baking it in the oven. Next we strolled back to Mount Olympus for a big feast of all the food we made in the kitchen like kouradies ,greek salad or horialikisalata, honey cake or pitta me meli and spanakopita.At the end the day we were showing off our greek dancing that we had learnt.  There was a competition between merit groups to see who did the best dancing. To sum up the day it was one of the most exiting days in year six. My favrourite part of the day was the cooking.

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Greek Day Architecture

On the 19th November year 6 launched themselves into a different time and became Greeks for the day. Yes, it was an entire day of bad costumes (especially Mr Hughes’) and horrendous acting. With lots of different activities to enjoy the costumes didn’t matter…

Going round in our merit groups, my first activity (and my favourite activity) was architecture in Delphie. We met Tonios Hughseos the greatest architect in the whole of Greece. Entering the room we saw tools and building equipment which got us all buzzing with Greek excitement! We sat at a working desk and listened intently to Mr Hughseos. Our crafty hands were going to be building a Greek Temple. What fun! Gathering our tiles, cement and all the things we needed, we set off. By following Mr Hughseos’ instructions we started to construct a Greek Temple. Building the walls, tiling the roof and connecting pillars (which were a bit fiddily) took hours on end (minutes) but I have to say it was worth it. With a splash of plastering we were done. There infront of us were 16 Greek Temples.


Greek Day – Pot making

On the 19th November 2014, year six dived into the world of Greeks. Togas, sandalls and all. Our current project was the Greeks, so we already knew quite a lot. We were all very excited when we found out that Tonious Hughious would be turning us into great architects aswell as the great pot master, the cooks and Mrs Saundious playing apart.

Stiffly we trudged all the way to Athens. Our hands were aching after lifting the heavy bricks in architecture, but we were ready for the next challenge – pottery making! The great pott master and his apprentice greeted us and handed us a large ball of clay. Was it going to be more architecture? No! We were going to be moulding Greek clay pots. Did you know that the Greeks were very talented at their pottery? We were going to be the next generation of Greeks! The great pot master instructed us to seperate the clay into 2/3 and 1/3. The clay felt damp and squishy. Something we would just have to get used to. He then taught us how to make the pott itself and the handle. The time whisked by! After making our work of art, we magnificently decorated them. Making it different from all the others!

The Greek Kitchen at Hades

The first extraordinary dish cooked in the Greek kitchen was a spicy honey loaf. In it was mixed spice, ginger, honey flour and  boiling water just to name a few ingredients! It was really lovely to make as the honey cake smell was always changing filling the air with the sweet sweet aroma. We will look foreword to eating it later!

In the kitchen we made Spanikopata which are little filo parcels filled with spinach and feta. We topped-and-tailed the spring onions then we mixed them together with the spinach, feta cheese and eggs.So far we are really enjoying Greek day!

One dish cooked in the Greek kitchen was tzatziki a Greek dip made from yogurt  cucumber, lemon and garlic. This delicious dip is perfect for a little snack, with crackers, or anything else you prefer. We first grated cucumber to make little strips and then cut up garlic and added this to the mixture.  Meanwhile we took the leaves off the mint and added that too along with Greek Yoghurt. lemon juice and olive oil.

After break we made Patates me skortho or Garlic potatoes.  First we washed the potatoes, then we chopped them up to make potato wedges. Next we poured some olive oil, lemon juice into the bowl and added garlic and orgeano. Finally they were baked in the oven until they were crispy.

Meanwhile in the kitchen we were making Tapanade (Olive paste and Pita crisps). First we  crushed the garlic and put it in a bowl.Then we poured half a jar of olives into the blender and put in the garlic in . After everyone had had a go at using the blender, the mixture was ready. It smelled odd but we were told it was tasty!

After lunch in the Greek Kitchen we made Horiatikisalata (a salad) to eat at the feast. The ingredients included; cucumber, green pepper, onion, tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, feta cheese and olives. We cut the ingredients into large cubes,  cut the olives in half, then we mixed it all together. Now it was ready to eat at the grand Greek feast!