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Year 6 Update

Hi everyone!

In English over the past two weeks, we have been busy writing, editing and publishing our stories of Odysseus and the Sirens.

In Maths, we have been using a range of methods to multiply and divide up to 4 digit numbers. This week we also showed off what we can do in a series of challenges (old SATs papers).

We have worked really hard this week and all deserve a break – luckily it’s half term! See you in nine days!

Year 6 team

Cooking In The Greek Kitchen at Hades

We arrived at Hades all dressed in a variety of Greek outfits, excited and curious of what we were going to do. Initially scared because Hades is hell but it turned out that we made delicious honey cakes that smelt and tasted amazing. After that we made spanakopita filling which was made up of many vegetables the clue is in the name (spinach) . It was really fun to make and the honey cakes smelt delicious of spice and sweetness. Best cooking
session ever!!!!

Next we made Tzatziki, a yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip.We squeezed the cucumber and got rid of the juice, it was really fun!Then added garlic and yoghurt. Some of us tried the finished product and look forward to trying it again during our Greek Feast this afternoon.

In the kitchen we folded the slimy,oily pastry into a right angle triangle.The onion made my eyes water and drip.once we finished the first tray we continued with on going triangles. When they came out of the oven they had turned in to delicious looking Spanikopata!

When we arrived at Hades its was time to make Garlic Roasted Potatoes. Firstly we took the potatoes and carefully cut them.We didn’t peel the skin off though because apparently they’re very healthy!We chopped the potatoes into yummy looking wedges,not too thin but not too thick. Next we poured some sour lemon juice onto the slices and mixed it all together, it smelt delicious! We grated some garlic into the sweet smelling mixture and it started to look really nice! We shook some oregano onto the potatoes and it was ready to go in the oven!

When we (Tigers) arrived at Hades, we didn’t know what to expect. We were going to make Horiatikisalata (A Greek salad) I thought the name was a bit strange considering it tasted so great! We put lots of ingredients into the salad. We got to try a bit. It was the best thing I have ever tasted!

Then Tigers went down to the hall to make some yummy Greek biscuits (Kourabiedes) which really was our masterpiece! The smell was enchanting,with the icing sugar sprinkled like snow on mountain Olympus! Us Greeks sure do know how to cook!!! We molded them into crescents but we were only allowed to have a small amount of dough which was weird because in the pictures they were absolutely MASSIVE but you’d never guess this, they puffed up into things that looked like balloons all blown up! We all really loved this Greek cooking session and we all wish that we could do it all again!
Next was the feast! We started with a Greek dance competition. All the groups did amazingly including creativity while managing to make it flow. After lots of hard work, Tigers (Merit group) managed to pull off 3 perfect tens. Next Now it was time to eat! Our feast consisted of lots of delectable foods from ancient Greece. We took our time making the most luxurious food for the great banquet.

After an exhausting but fun day, we reluctantly came back to the present day…

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Y6 And the Perseus Story at Southampton City Art Gallery

Before we went to the wire workshop we went to a fancy room to hear the Perseus story! Alister from Southampton art gallery told the tale whilst we gazed at the paintings that hung on the walls. The strange room had been designed by the artist himself (Sir Edward Burne – Jones) he had said that the paintings had to be in a room without skylight, windows, or carpet and the walls had been decorated with wooden panels. The story of the paintings was very interesting. It all started when a young man, Arthur Balfour, asked the artist to paint the story of Perseus to hang in his London home. The man waited for a very long ten years but the artist  died before the paintings were finished. The whole series of paintings were never finished but the finished ones were sent to a different gallery.The drafts for the paintings were sent to the Southampton art gallery!

Year 6 Art Gallery trip wire workshop

Year 6 headed off to the wire workshop, we were told to wear protective goggles and we all got really excited. To begin with we were told that we would be making a Medusa head out of wire. Y6H set off to work and made the template of the head, then we were told to do the DECORATIONS and when I say decorations I mean decorations! Now we’re talking. We used pipe cleaners as the hair and for the outside of the face, the nose and the mouth. We all enjoyed it and they hang menacingly in the classroom. Keeping a close eye on us!

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Year 6 Trip To The Southampton Art Gallery.

It was a crisp autumnal day, a wave of excitement was spreading throughout year 6 as today was the day they were going on a brilliant trip to Southampton Art Gallery!

We set off at around nine-thirty on the 15th of October 2012, after a short bus drive there we finally arrived at the gallery; everyone was buzzing and as we were led off the coach it was almost too much to bear!

After we had dropped of our bags and coats, we met a man called Alister, he showed us into the Edward Burne-Jones Gallery and explained that Ed Burne- Jones was a Victorian artist who had painted the story of Perseus, who we had been learning about in school.

Alister told us another version of the Perseus story, using the nine paintings in the gallery. It was interesting to learn about the different versions of the same story.

Soon after, we went into the arts and crafts room where we met a lady called Becks who showed us how to make a wire Medusa head, Medusa was a fearsome monster with a nest of snakes for hair and a face that could turn you to stone if you looked at her! We decorated our monsters with buttons for the eyes and vibrant pipe-cleaners and beads for the hair.

It was quite hard to bend the wire into shape, as it hurt your hands and it was really fiddly, but we got used to it and in the end we had some amazing Medusa heads!

Later on we had lunch in the park opposite the gallery, when we were back inside we split into groups and we got to see the whole gallery. Some of the exhibits were incredible! Many of us said our favourite one was the interactive art, ( ‘Wake up and Hide’ by Gary Stevens ) when you made a noise the people on screen would run away! It was really funny!

Overall we had a brilliant day, and we would love to do it again!

Here are our Medusa heads!

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By Catherine


Y6 Greek Projects

Greek Projects on PhotoPeach

Y6 had a month to create something Greek! They had to use their imagination to design and make what they call a Greek project.

They made all sorts of things, there were Greek pots, Greek clothing and even a Greek Parthenon! Everyone learnt something from one another’s project. The whole process was a laugh, the reviews, the views and showing their fun partners.

I particularly liked the project on Midas, but which one’s  your favourite?

By  Emily, Year 6

Greek Day

Wednesday 16th November was an exciting day for Year 6. We arrived at the school all dressed as Ancient Greeks. There were slaves, gods, greek men and woman and even Zues! First we went to Athens to study with the famous Greek potter and then on to Mount Olympus to make scratch paintings of pots decorated with scenes from the modern olympics. After break we stayed in Mount Olympus to cook for the great feast. We started by chopping the potatoes and peeling the garlic for a greek dish called Patates Me Skortho. We also made an olive past called Pate Elias and pitta bread crisps. After lunch we continued on our journey to Delphi to visit the great architect Tonios Hughesios where we built greek houses. To finish off the day we did greek dancing and had a delious greek feast where we sampled all the food we had made. My favourite was the pitta bread and Tzatziki.

Open Morning (7th October)

Congratulations to all the Year 6 Guides. Not only were you efficient at showing the prospective parents the different areas of our school but I noticed you were also very polite and considerate. What an excellent advert for the school!

Congratulations to the rest of Year 6 who were working on their Minotaur Autopsies. I hope the little children don’t get nightmares after seeing your gruesome monsters; I’m sure I will!