Year 4 Curriculum update


We are currently looking at information text with a particular focus on newspaper and newspaper reports. The children have been devising snappy headlines using effective language, alliteration, word play and rhyme.


We have been shaping up in maths! The children have explored a variety of shapes, revised shape names and properties and have had opportunities to problem solve and demonstrate their understanding.

Y6 Curriculum Update


In English we have been studying Macbeth.  We started by rewriting the opening to Macbeth using descriptive language. Last week we explored Macbeth’s struggle over whether or not to kill King Duncan and wrote this as a soliloquy.


In maths we have started a bridging unit on algebra and have been looking at function machines.

Today we started rehearsals for our production – Pirates of the Curry Bean.  Thank you to everyone who has been learning (and helping to learn!) the lines.

Well done to everyone for surviving a very wet bivvy!

Year 4 Curriculum update


This week we have been planning and writing stories with a Stone Age theme. The children are consolidating their writing skills to create an adventure story with history links.


What a time we have had this week! The children have explored and extended their knowledge of clocks times and units of time that are equivalent. They have had opportunities to problem solve and explain their thinking.

Year 3 Curriculum Update


We have enjoyed reading about Sir Francis Drake and considering his role as a pirate. This has led on to other research about exploration and life on board sailing ships in these times. The children have started to write their own adventure stories, with a focus on using paragraphs correctly to provide a good structure. Our revision of synonyms and the use of fronted adverbials have brought our descriptions to life, and the openers used aim to capture the interest of our readers.


Our work in maths has been based around  measures, starting with estimating and measuring  the  capacity of different containers,  and then moving on to explore and solve  different word problems. We have now returned to the topic of time, using AM and PM correctly, as well as  learning how the 24 hour clock is used on train and bus timetables. We are moving on to calculating intervals of time, with a focus on showing our working out.

We hope that you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine and hope that it continues for our pirate camp later this week! Arrr!



Y2 Curriculum Update


We began our Victorian seaside project with a trip to HMS Warrior. The focus of our English has been recounting our trip with a focus on past tense, descriptive language, and using a range of sentence types. This week we learnt about the story of Grace Darling and wrote a diary entry from the day she rescued people from the storm.


We have done a range of maths since half term including time (5 minute intervals), symmetry, 3D shape, money, greater/less than,  problem solving and reasoning.

Y1 Curriculum Update

English –

This week we have been finding out and writing about the Victorian Era. We used photographs of the Victorian classrooms and buildings and compared it to our experience at school now. Did you know….? We have Victorian classrooms at Swanmore Primary!

Maths –

To link with our Victorian topic, we have been learning about time. We first looked at a timeline of events in History and Queen Victoria’s reign. We then considered our own daily timeline and used the vocabulary to describe different times of the day – morning, midday, afternoon, evening, night time.

We also had a brilliant time on our school trip to Manor Farm, we learnt so many things about the life of a Victorian! Thank you for the lovely costumes provided and to our wonderful parent helpers. We look forward to seeing you at the Victorian tea party on Wednesday afternoon next week at 3pm (in the hall).


Have a great weekend in the sunshine! Y1 Team 🙂


Year 5 Update

Year 5 continue to work extremely hard with all their learning!

In English we have been working on ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. The children have completed work to help them understand the intricate characters and plot. They have written from a character’s viewpoint, written their own dialogues between characters and even written insults using Shakespearean language!

Their reading tasks have been around ‘Why the Whales came’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children have used a range of skills to retrieve information, infer characters’ emotions and actions and develop an understanding of author’s intent.

In Maths we have worked on Polygons – defining regular and irregular polygons and using known facts about rectangles to find angles and sides. We also completed work on converting from metric to imperial measures, particularly for length.

Our topic work on coasts is continuing – the children are learning about coastal erosion and the ways that we try to protect the coast with different sea defences.

We are looking forward to the conclusion of our Enterprise Project on Wednesday 21st June (2.45 – 3.30pm) – we will be holding the sale of cookies, mocktails and dips at the end of the Open afternoon.

Y2 Curriculum Update


We have been focusing on the skills of reading comprehension: being detectives, finding answers in the text and making inferences based on what we know.


We revisited adding and subtracting two digit numbers using different strategies including counting on and back on an empty numberline. We have also been using our number fact knowledge to reason about number i.e. If you X10 then the answer will always end in zero as it is a multiple of ten.

Year 3 curriculum update

It has been a busy end to the term in Year 3!

Last Friday we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt for our Egyptian day. The children took part in a range of activities including making canopic jars out of clay, designing their own cartouche by writing their name in hieroglyphics, and baking then tasting bread and other traditional Egyptian snacks.

The children were then able to show off some if their Ancient Egyptian knowledge by setting up a museum for our Open Afternoon on Wednesday. The museum was full of artefacts that the children had carefully researched and written information labels for.

This term the children have really enjoyed learning to play the keyboards with Mrs Cook from Hampshire’s Listen2Me. On Wednesday, the children performed a keyboard concert where they played seven different songs that they had learnt, some of which included singing and playing at the same time!

In maths this past week, we have been looking at interpreting data from tally charts and bar graphs. This was a useful skill to learn leading into Charity Day as some children were then able to create a bar graph from the results of our sponsored welly throw! There were some impressive distances thrown and hopefully a lot of money will be raised for this year’s three chosen charities.

We wish Year 3 a good rest over the Easter break and look forward to an exciting Summer term!

Year 5 curriculum update

Well done Year 5 for a fabulous end to the Spring Term.

In English we have finished our work on discussion texts with the children proving to us that they could independently write a discussion text about the Vikings – were they, raiders, traders or explorers?

In Guided Reading both classes have enjoyed the books they have been studying this term: 5S reading ‘The boy who swam with pirahnas’ and 5B reading ‘Rooftoppers’. 5B have even written to the Walt Disney Company in America to tell them that they think it would make a fantastic film – we are waiting for the reply!

In Maths we have revised the formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and applied the knowledge in problem solving and reasoning tasks.

In RE last week we looked at the topic of Salvation and what Christians feel about the sacrifice that Jesus made. The work from the children was thoughtful and mature.

Today we have held our Sponsored Sing! Wonderful sounds and funky moves were observed as the children sang a diverse range of songs including numbers such as ‘We are the Champions’, ‘I wanna be like you’ and ‘Supercalifagilisticexpialidocious’!

Thank you to all the children for their hard work and to the support from families – may you all have a wonderful Easter break.

from Year 5 team