Year 3 Update

This week, year 3 have been reading more of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and how he ends up being looked after by an elderly couple. We learnt how to use subordinating conjunctions and inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
In maths we applied our knowledge of the expanded subtraction method to solve word problems. We also assessed our learning so far in English and Maths.
Our puppets are now complete and they look fantastic! We are very proud of our art work.

Year 6 Curriculum Update

In maths last week the children were learning about percentages.  In English, the children wrote their own warning stories based on The Caravan by Pie Corbett.

This week, the children have been completing their next set of practice SAT papers.  Alongside this they have been revising long multiplication and division in maths.

In the afternoons the children have been completing their own constellation project.  Look out for the results of this on the blog over the next couple of weeks!

Swanmore Lunch Club had some visitors!

On Wednesday 31st January five children visited the Swanmore Lunch Club at the Paterson Centre.  They took along some books to share with the members and afterwards listened to their stories.  They were pleased to hear that one of the members was a former pupil and was at Swanmore Primary school during the Second World War.  It wasn’t long before they had to say their goodbyes…Well, before they had some trifle first!

Year 4 Curriculum Update


We are almost at the end of Carrie’s story in English and were shocked to discover the dreadful thing that Carrie had done. We have also debated the character of Mr Evans as our feelings towards him changed as the story unfolded.


The children have been challenged this week using written strategies for multiplication and division. Applying basic number skills such as times tables facts, number bonds, addition and subtraction facts and multiplying and dividing by 10, alongside practising new strategies has pushed their thinking and resilience.


Year 3 Update

Last week in English we finished writing our very exciting legend stories, and then we enjoyed publishing them in our very own book. We had fun designing the front cover complete with title and the author’s name!

This week, we have started to read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo, and we will be basing much of our English work on the book.

In maths we were introduced to the expanded column method for addition, which, later in the week, we then used to solve word problems.

This week we have learnt how to use the expanded column method for subtraction.

In Art, we have begun to make our laminated puppet heads, and next week, we shall be adding features and colour to the head. They’re all looking really rather good!

We are also enjoying the new PE lessons using the Real PE materials introduced to the staff on our INSET day at the beginning of January.

A letter has been sent out today detailing our school trip to the Beaulieu area on Thursday 8th March.



Blaze a trail update!

I hope you have all managed to see the BBC 1 Programme Inside Out.  If you have missed it, it is available on the iPlayer if you search for ‘Inside Out South’.   The initiative has been working really well and having regular attendance over 100 is hugely positive.  Myself and Mrs Collins are always so pleased to see so many happy, glowing faces in the morning.  Keep it up!

The counter box was looking mightily full the last time I checked so this morning our House Captains went through it and exchanged every 100 counters for a marble.  They were then able to see how many miles that we have covered in our challenge (remember it is not quite two weeks old yet!)

The results are in….so far…

Ruby 228 miles

Sapphire 276 miles

Emerald 294 miles

Topaz 363 miles

Total School Miles 1,161!

Well done to everyone that has helped to add to their house totals so far; including our parents of course!  Remember, if children see their parents active they are more likely to be active themselves.  Come and join us…even if it is a bit wet!

Mr Flynn


Year 6 Curriculum Update


In English, we have been looking at the features of story writing – description, action and dialogue.  We have been rewriting the opening scene from The Whisperer by Nick Butterworth to include these features.  We will be using these when writing a warning story next week.


In maths we have been exploring fractions, decimals and percentages.  Towards the end of the week we moved on to finding percentages of amounts.

Y2 Curriculum Update


In our first week and a half we focussed on the story of Sleeping Beauty to support the school pantomime. We looked at the key characters, conversations and alternative endings.

This week we have begun our Antarctic project with an egg-stremely egg-citing arrival! We discovered that an egg had been left in our Y2 cloakroom area. The children read through a letter from the animal that had left the egg and worked out that an Adelie Penguin had left it for safekeeping. The BBC heard about the arrival and Lewis Coombes (ace reporter)came in to do a special report. We have researched nesting and feeding so that we can support the penguin daddy with his egg and chick.


Last week we had a maths fractions week – half, quarter, two quarters, three quarters and thirds. We focused on the fractions of shape and then number.

This week we have begun a three week unit on multiplication and division. We have started with multiplication looking at arrays and commutative calculations (ie you can multiply in any order 6×2 or 2×6).


Year 4 Curriculum Update


With have linked our project work about WWII with our English and are exploring the adventures of two young evacuees through the classic story of Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden. The children have explored the characters, including their feelings and emotions, and are now using effective language to create atmosphere.


This week we have been focusing on addition and subtraction, getting the children to think about using rounding to estimate and then inverse operations to check their calculations. Next week the focus is multiplication and division which we will practise in class and through the maths skills task for the week.


Y5 Curriculum Update


We have been enjoying the tale of Beowulf, through both story and film. This has inspired some fantastic writing in the form of a plea for help from the villages  and a reply in the form of a boast by a hero. The children have taken the opportunity to create some very imaginative and vivid fight scenes between the hero and the monster, looking at tools to improve sentence structure and word order for effect.


Our term has started with a revision of perimeter leading to a study of area. We have explored both simple and compound rectilinear shapes before moving on to more irregular areas, finishing with a Pirate Island challenge.                                                                                                   We are now moving on to a unit on fractions, decimals and percentages.