The Greek Kitchen at Hades

The first extraordinary dish cooked in the Greek kitchen was a spicy honey loaf. In it was mixed spice, ginger, honey flour and  boiling water just to name a few ingredients! It was really lovely to make as the honey cake smell was always changing filling the air with the sweet sweet aroma. We will look foreword to eating it later!

In the kitchen we made Spanikopata which are little filo parcels filled with spinach and feta. We topped-and-tailed the spring onions then we mixed them together with the spinach, feta cheese and eggs.So far we are really enjoying Greek day!

One dish cooked in the Greek kitchen was tzatziki a Greek dip made from yogurt  cucumber, lemon and garlic. This delicious dip is perfect for a little snack, with crackers, or anything else you prefer. We first grated cucumber to make little strips and then cut up garlic and added this to the mixture.  Meanwhile we took the leaves off the mint and added that too along with Greek Yoghurt. lemon juice and olive oil.

After break we made Patates me skortho or Garlic potatoes.  First we washed the potatoes, then we chopped them up to make potato wedges. Next we poured some olive oil, lemon juice into the bowl and added garlic and orgeano. Finally they were baked in the oven until they were crispy.

Meanwhile in the kitchen we were making Tapanade (Olive paste and Pita crisps). First we  crushed the garlic and put it in a bowl.Then we poured half a jar of olives into the blender and put in the garlic in . After everyone had had a go at using the blender, the mixture was ready. It smelled odd but we were told it was tasty!

After lunch in the Greek Kitchen we made Horiatikisalata (a salad) to eat at the feast. The ingredients included; cucumber, green pepper, onion, tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, feta cheese and olives. We cut the ingredients into large cubes,  cut the olives in half, then we mixed it all together. Now it was ready to eat at the grand Greek feast!

2 thoughts on “The Greek Kitchen at Hades

  1. Fantastic Fours

    Year 6 that all sounds so delicious! We were reading your post just before lunch so there were a lot of tummies that were rumbling. Isn’t it a shame that our blogs are not interactive so we could really reach in and have a taste. From Mrs W and the Fantastic Fours in Western Australia.

  2. Laura Carabot

    I am so happy to see thru these photos my dear school!!! I studied there for almost 2 years in 1978-1979 and I remember it with all my love as it was yesterday. The two years I have lived in Swanmore where the best of my life!! and I am so grateful of the wonderfull things I´ve learned from Mrs Sherrat an Mr. Curtis!!!! LOVE MY SCHOOL!!!. Please post me some more photos. I´ve lived in Swanmore in 20 Crofton Way… rigt know I am crying like a baby looking at your photos. I am from Venezuela, sorry for my English, I almost forgot it…

    Laura Carabot Mas


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