Magical Minstead Mysteries!

Deep down in the New forest the new recruits were lined up ready to become ECO-WARRIORS! One of these was me! I felt determined and  ready for an amazing Eco-warriors adventure.

Soon after we had a peak at our dormitory. WOW!  Our eyes popped,the bunk beds were made beautifully and the Eco-warriors were desperate to go and unpack their things and explore. We unpacked our bags and went into the bean bag room. Our adventures in the wild woods were soon to begin.

Our brilliant activities taught us how to look after Planet Earth and spread the message to everyone we meet.

These are some of the opinions that our class had about their visit:  cheerful,brilliant,wonderful,active,fun,fabulous,cool, interesting, awesome, amazing ,joyful,magical and adventurous.

As you can see Minstead is a pretty amazing place to stay and have lots of fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading.

by Holly,Daisy and Katie



2 thoughts on “Magical Minstead Mysteries!

  1. Tilly Bedford

    It was fun, I really liked the man in the colourful stripy jumper he was so kind. We walked a lot and the food was delicious.


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