Year 6 Trip To The Southampton Art Gallery.

It was a crisp autumnal day, a wave of excitement was spreading throughout year 6 as today was the day they were going on a brilliant trip to Southampton Art Gallery!

We set off at around nine-thirty on the 15th of October 2012, after a short bus drive there we finally arrived at the gallery; everyone was buzzing and as we were led off the coach it was almost too much to bear!

After we had dropped of our bags and coats, we met a man called Alister, he showed us into the Edward Burne-Jones Gallery and explained that Ed Burne- Jones was a Victorian artist who had painted the story of Perseus, who we had been learning about in school.

Alister told us another version of the Perseus story, using the nine paintings in the gallery. It was interesting to learn about the different versions of the same story.

Soon after, we went into the arts and crafts room where we met a lady called Becks who showed us how to make a wire Medusa head, Medusa was a fearsome monster with a nest of snakes for hair and a face that could turn you to stone if you looked at her! We decorated our monsters with buttons for the eyes and vibrant pipe-cleaners and beads for the hair.

It was quite hard to bend the wire into shape, as it hurt your hands and it was really fiddly, but we got used to it and in the end we had some amazing Medusa heads!

Later on we had lunch in the park opposite the gallery, when we were back inside we split into groups and we got to see the whole gallery. Some of the exhibits were incredible! Many of us said our favourite one was the interactive art, ( ‘Wake up and Hide’ by Gary Stevens ) when you made a noise the people on screen would run away! It was really funny!

Overall we had a brilliant day, and we would love to do it again!

Here are our Medusa heads!

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By Catherine


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  1. Fantastic Fours Australia

    WOW! We love your Medusa Heads. The Animoto slide slow presentation is so professional. Great Work! Mrs W and the Fantastic Fours Australia


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