Amazing vegetable art in Wrens Class

As part of our work on harvest the children in Year R have brought lots of different vegetables into school. We talked about which parts we eat, the leaves, the roots, the seeds, the fruit, or the stem. Then we looked at some pictures which were made out of vegetables and fruit by the artist, Guiseppe Acrimboldo. The children identified many of the fruit and vegetables they could spot hidden within the pictures. We all then made our own vegetable pictures. See if you can work out which of the following they are; 2 groups made fire engines, a princess, a castle, a cat, a monster with a long neck and a unicorn! All the vegetables have now been chopped up and turned into soup which the children will take home today. Delicious and so healthy!

2 thoughts on “Amazing vegetable art in Wrens Class

  1. Fantastic Fours Australia

    I love your vegetable art – very creative! I can’t wait to show my class when we are back at school for fourth term on Monday. Mrs W and the Fantastic Fours.

  2. Claudia LEMERCIER

    Je suis la Grand’Mère d’Elisa.
    Votre blog est super.
    Nous avons eu la visite d’Elisa ces jours ci nous sommes fiers de notre petite fille : dommage qu’elle repart demain.
    A bientôt.


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