Year 4 “Funny Bones” Assembly

On Friday the 28th of September 2012 it was Y4D’ s bone breaking assembly!!! We were ready for action on the stage with sherlock bones our life size skeleton . The speeches came rushing out of peoples mouths loud and clear while the audience faces were wide open as if they were going to faint but… year 4D saved the day with their grooooovy skeleton moves! As the music faded away we  froze in our breath taking potion. After a couple more speeches it was time for the amazing x-ray factor!  We had the contestants and the judges ready for the show.  Laughter rippled through the audience throughout the performance it was a “bonetastic assembly”

by Holly Giles and Katie Chalmers

2 thoughts on “Year 4 “Funny Bones” Assembly

  1. Miss Wright & 4JW

    Well done 4D, this sounds like a very interesting and funny assembly. We have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what you have been up to at school 🙂
    Miss Wright & 4JW, Humberstone Junior School

  2. humboblogfrogs

    We think that this assembly sounds fantastic! Do you have any photos that we could have a look at? How long did your assembly last? Were you really scared? We love the way that your have written about your assembly, it’s really good!!

    From Humberstone Junior School


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