Year 3D on a Trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods!

On the 24 April Y3D went to Captain Phillimor’es Woods. On the way there and back it was sunny but very muddy and at the end our boots were muddy, as you can imagine! We made Memory sticks { not the ones you put in the computer!} that we wrapped with wool using colours that we saw which would reminded us of our special day in the woods. We saw some of the things that Darren had built out of the trees that had fallen down. Darren is the person who looks after the woods; he keeps the trees trimmed, cuts down the brambles to keep us safe and teaches adults how to make things out of wood. When we first went into the woods we saw a huge sea of bluebells,it was amazing! Here are some of the things we thought stood out:

the white flowers
the mud
the bluebells
the green plants
playing hide and seek
the changes
the leaves
the birds
the cows!
the scenery
the puddles
the wild garlic
the fun
the wildlife
the memory sticks
the insects

So many memories! It was a never forgetting day!
By ELeanor Martin and Sopie Brame

2 thoughts on “Year 3D on a Trip to Captain Phillimore’s Woods!

  1. Miss Andrews

    Hello Penguins!

    It sounds like you had a great time in the woods! I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays and are now all back to working hard with Mrs Doran.

    I am missing you all!

    Miss Andrews


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