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Hi all,

Oh NO! We were hoping for a snow day or at least a good snowball fight on the field but alas it was not to be and all we’ve got to show for the cold weather is chilblains on Mr Hughes’ fingers. At least the children can see what they look like as they are mentioned in Carrie’ War. The extra efforts some teachers are prepared to go surely must be commended. Any how…

We have been busy busy busy. In maths we have been learning the names of the triangles and their properties. I’m sure you remember, but just in case it has slipped from the memory they are: equilateral, scalene and isosceles (all a joy to spell). Why not ask your child about them to see how much they have remembered. We also looked at acute, obtuse and right angles – you played a lovely game as a homework. We are now back to ‘number’ and learning how to add 4-digit numbers. We have looked briefly at mental strategies (first option to consider) and are now working on written methods which are either an expanded method or the compact method (probably the way you add on paper). We’ll be moving on to subtraction soon.

In English, Carrie’s War continues to be the stimulus for our work. This has included atmospheric descriptive writing, a letter, comparisons of places and speech. We introduced  new SAS sentences: Description, which + simile and Ad, same ad. Examples would be:

The twisting path was lined with white stones, which looked like bleached skulls.


Mr Evans was a cruel man, cruel because he made Auntie Lou feel small and guilty.

Why not have a go with your children at making some more up. The Ad, same ad is particularly fun to do for family members!

We’ve also been practising our war time dances. More time is needed but hopefully they will be ready for the open afternoon.

Oh finally, if you got this far, don’t forget to bring in the bottles! The day won’t work without them and we really don’t have any at school.



Y4 Team


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