Y2 Curriculum Update

Year 2 enjoyed a very successful art week. The children explored a range of clay snails deciding which one they preferred and presenting their ideas in a creative way. Then they designed their own snail, identified how it would made and finally they made them!

The following art focus was studying the natural sculptures created by Andy Goldsworthy. The children loved his use of materials and were excited to experiment with natural resources as they created their own sculptures in the school grounds. Our parents Open Afternoon was a gallery of Goldsworthy inspired art.

Finally, we explored the medium of collage. The children critiqued a range of collages then studied a picture called The Snail by Henri Matisse. Their finally task was to create their own snail collage in the style of Matisse.

It has been a busy week and a well deserved one after a year of hard work. Well done Year 2 ☺



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