Year 3 curriculum update

In English the children have enjoyed planning and writing their own legends. They have supported each other to read and edit before producing the final draft.

In maths we have continued to explore expanded column methods for addition and subtraction. We have also been rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 and using this skill to estimate answers to problems before calculating exactly.

2 thoughts on “Year 3 curriculum update

  1. Imogen Watts

    I loved writing my legend about a rather strange man who,at different moments, differs in size. Apart from being a normal-sized man to mighty ant-sized man, he pretty much stays the same.

    In maths personally I think this method is quicker and easier to use… the questions we use them on aren’t as easy though! That is only if you didn’t use this cool method!

  2. catherine

    I rather enjoyed writing my legend. With encouragement from Imogen Watts I was able to write my final draft. Imogen is was very supportive about that! I have forgoten what my fable was about.


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