Year 3 Hindu Temple Visit!

On Monday  16 January Year Three visited the Hindu Temple in Southampton.We were very excited because we didn’t know what it was going to look like.When we got in the coach Mrs Doran told us where to sit followed by Miss Tuck’s class.

As we arrived we saw a building which looked like a village hall and we were surprised that it was the actual place.We took our shoes off and went into the main room of the temple.It looked very different to St. Barnabas Church. There were lots of colourful  pictures of Gods and at one end there were shrines with statues of different Gods. Around them there were flowers, offerings of bananas and brightly painted scenes of different places and animals. It looked amazing!

When we got there we sat down on the carpet and watched the worshiping.There were people chanting and ringing bells.Then we got into our groups and did sketching of lots of things around us.Soon it was time to come back together so we could ask  Mr Raval questions.After that we sadly had to go!

This is what we thought:

It smelled like incense,

it had lots of pictures

but most of all it was brilliant!!

By Eleanor Martin and Sophie Brame


1 thought on “Year 3 Hindu Temple Visit!

  1. John paterson

    You were all brilliant, it is great to hear you are all able to learn so much and be respectful, well done. What a treat to see so many new things first hand.


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