Let’s Harvest!

Well done Year 3, all of your hard work paid off as you led our Junior Harvest  Service  in church today. Everyone spoke clearly to share our work on “Colours in Autumn” and even the problem with the music did not stop a lively performance of the “Harvest rock and roll!”   We are very proud of you all.

We would also like to thank everyone for their generous food donations, which were collected by  Southampton City Mission.

The Year 3 team.



6 thoughts on “Let’s Harvest!

  1. Roisin Smith

    Thank you YR 3 for a wonderful service, also.it was a delight to watch some of the older ones jigging to the music.

    It is nice to see youngsters enjoying being in Church!

  2. Catherine

    I really enjoyed the Harvest Festival because the music was joyful and entertaining! I also liked it because we donated food to the Southampton City Mission.

  3. alyssia

    I liked it sooooooooooooooo much

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  4. Imogen Watts

    I loved doing my part of the harvest festival-even though on one or two of the songs didn’t have any music which made the song shorter…I didn’t mind! We all tried very hard and everybody watching loved it.


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