Bronze, Silver, Goldsworthy!

Year 2 have been reasearching the famous sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and writing non-chronological reports about him. We have been fascinated by his use of natural materials including stone, clay, sand, wood, leaves and ice. We found that a black hole theme was appearing in many of his sculptures. This was inspired by a trip to the beach when some sand collapsed and a black hole appeared in the sand. The black was so beautiful that Andy Goldsworthy recreated this hole in many of his sculptures. Many of the sculptures he creates are temporary as they may be washed or blown away, so he takes photographs of each one to remember them.

Year 2 have created their own sculptures inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We took photographs to remember our creative pieces before we dismantled them.

Which of our sculptures do you like?

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11 thoughts on “Bronze, Silver, Goldsworthy!

  1. Catherine Cocks

    At first me and Morgan didn’t know what to do but then nature inspired us and it turned out to be quit fun. If you read this please in year two let nature inspire you and don’t let fear take over.

  2. Imogen Watts

    Me and my group of three had no idea at all for the first few attempts, but finally we did it with a few shells, 1 pine cone and then a black space in the centre.

  3. James Roe

    I loved doing the wonderful , incredible subject of the amazing , outstanding and famous Andy goldsworthy !
    It was BRILLIANT!!!!

  4. Catherine Cocks

    My favourite part of making the sculpture was to be able to have a friends by my side and those friend were Morgan and Mother Nature.


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